Tight Feeling In Stomach

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Claire - June 2

I'm 17 weeks and for about a week when I stand up my stomach feels tight/stretched and hard. It lasts the whole time I stand up - it doesn't come and go e.g. if I stand up for 3 hours - it lasts 3 hours. It feels muscular rather than a stomach ache - it doesn't hurt. Does anyone else have this/know what it is? It's my first baby. Thanks for your help.


tara - June 3

I have no answer, but can at least sympathasize with your condition as I have had the same feeling since I was around 15 weeks pregnant. i am now 24 weeks and it hasn't gone away, in fact, I feel like I have a tight stomach pretty much all the time, and I don't know if it is from strong abs to begin with, or the fact that this is also my first child. It is so tight sometimes that I can't belive I can grow any bigger. It doesn't hurt, but just feels like a hard ball expanding in my stomach.


Claire - June 3

Tara - Thanks very much for replying. I spoke to 2 midwifes about this and both said it wasn't anything to worry about unless I was bleeding/in (severe) pain/had a urine infection. I don't have any of those but was still nervous so I went to the doctor. She checked my stomach and said it felt normal (she said its soft though it feels hard to me) and said it definately wasn't contractions (which is what I was scared of) its muscles stretching and nothing to worry about. Mine is my first baby and I had a flat stomach to start with - I think you're right that this does contribute.


To Claire - June 8

I read that it is quickening. It is contractions,but painless ones. It will happen throughtout the pregnancy starting at a certain week. It is normal.


erica - June 8

it's your uterus. At around 15 weeks the baby start growing faster and you can actually feel the ball inside you stomach. It feels tight and stretchy when you get up. You even get tired of standing up for along time. It's kind of heavy. It's nothing to worry about. I'm pregnant with my #5. Contractions are bery different. Your stomach gets very hard for like seconds and then it relaxes. and then again and again. It doesn't stay.


belinda - June 13

I have this tight hard feeling aswell mine hurts though, mainly on the left hand side about a hand size down from the bottom of my left b___st - feels like a knife being pushed into my tummy... Anyone else have/had this? Is it worse for me cause its twins?


Claire - June 13

Belinda - I didn't have pain when I had a tight stomach but I've heard its very common to have pain. My tight feeling seemed to originate from the sides. It due to the muscles and uterus streching so you'ld think it should be worse with twins as you'll be growing more. I think its called Round Ligament Pain - there's lots about it on the internet. Mine went after about a week, although it then went to the cervix/v____a for another week then went completely. Apparently this is all the same thing. If you're worried a doctor can check you out but I think its normal.


stomach feeling pregnant - September 2



danielle chaparro - September 9

I want to know if I'm pregnat I have some smyptoms like very tirred and moody and I have discharge and well i'm eating alot but what Id like to know is does youre stomach have to be hard so you can be pregnat?


Lynz - September 10

Danielle: No, it doesn't, not until later in pregnancy (like after a couple months) -- Lynz


danielle chaparro - September 12

well i have a guestion i don't really know how to tell my parents well my dad that i might be pregnat how to tell him? because this is not my first the other baby I had died so I dao'nt know what to do


brooke - October 4

danielle you need to speak to a doctror or counsellor you might not even have anything to worry about so you should find out before you panic


caroline - October 11

Yes, I am 16 weeks on my second and it just feels sooooo tight and hard. I know exactly what you feel like it's so much better when i fit or lie down.


Tiera - October 16

If I'm eating and gaining weight and sleeping alot does that mean that I might be showing signs of pregnace.


Karen - October 26

Like many other responders, I can't really answer the question but I can say I'm feeling it, too. I'm only 6 weeks (but +/- a month or so because of irregular periods and such) but for three or four days now my stomach has been uncomfortably, even painfully, tight. (I can't keep my jeans zipped up because it hurts!) It isn't so severe that I think something is wrong - but it's bad enough that I want to know what's causing it and how to ease it. So far the only thing that has worked is to lay down for a while, and with a 3-yr-old there's not a lot of opportunity for me to do that!


danielle chaparro - October 26

this is danielle I'm 5 wks pregnant and I don't know how to tell my dad but also there is this situation with the babay'sdaddy he already has a girl pregnant and I don't know how to let it on him he is currently still with the other girl so please hel p me how do I tell him that I'm pregnat by his child?


Barbara - October 29

Hey, Danielle i know that this is hard but honestly, you need all the support that you can get.. tell your dad. sit him down and explain.. i am sure he will try to understand you and hear you out.. and as for the baby's father.. tell him immediately he knows what s_x can lead to.. and besides your baby needs a father..and you don't want to wait too long and then have him say that it's not his... no one ever makes the best choices in the world but you can make this work with alittle communication... Please don't get stressed...



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