Tingling In Arms And Hands

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nikki - September 17

I am 18 weeks pregnant and last week i started to get tingling in my arms and hands from time to time, it feels just like as if they keep going to sleep on me (cutting off circulation). i asked my dr and she said that this is normal. i have asked several of my friends and they said they never felt like that. is this normal?


kellie - September 24

it is very normal i get it all the time got it with all my kids working on #4 now....it is basically the baby pressing on a nerve causing blood flow to be cut off for a short period of time and making your exteremities fall asleep my whole leg gets numb most of the time from the way that the baby is laying but it does not last forever Good luck to you


M - November 14

I at 16 wks now and having the same feelings. The response from Kellie was absolutely right, but just in case I had them check for diabetes as well.


E - November 15

My limbs go numb, completely numb, in the middle of the night and it is very uncomfortable. I hope it goes away b/c it is scary.


Janet - November 20

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have just started experiencing this too, mostly while sleeping. It often happens in the arm opposite of the side I'm sleeping on.


megs - November 30

its carpel tunnel darl sorry to say it will only get worse with the more weight yu put on!! goodluck with the remainder of your pregnancey


darlin - December 2

i had those feelings alot during the beginning of my pregnancy, and still do now that i am 31 weeks. i a__sociate it with carpal tunnel, my doctor said it was normal also. oh the aches and pains of pregnancy! but the joy that is to come will out weigh it! just remember it is only temporary. be positive!


Melissa Hovey - January 5

I am experiencing tingling, numbness and nerve problems in both my hands up to my elbows, at 32 weeks. My PT says it's from too much fluid in the body and wil go away with delivery.


lana - January 12

yeah carpal tunnel. Not about how much weight u gain just where the blood is resticted and casuing pressure. I have had it for 3 years and being pregnant only makes it worse. The doctors wont do anything so u gonna have to deal with it. It will go away after ur babys born so its ok


Shel - January 23

I am 15 weeks, I too am having tingling in my hands and fingers. I was worried because I am not that far along. With my first daughter, my legs would go numb at the end of my pregnancy all the time. Poor circulation! I should have been walking more!


Dan - January 29

Yeah, being male, I'm not pregnant but get the same symptoms sometimes while sleeping. I figure it's carpal tunnel.


me - March 12

Both of my hands go numb and I am only 8 weeks or less pregnant. What's that about??


jude - March 14

this can also be an indication of low blood pressure, as well as light headedness and blured vision


Susan - April 5

I was experiencing the same symptoms so I looked it up on the internet and found this article which was very useful and explains it all: http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/pregnancy/prenatalhealth/234.html


Susan - April 5

The previous link is wrong, the correct link is: http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/pregnancy/prenatalhealth/234.html


Raye Lynn - April 5

Another possibility could be muscles trapping the brachial plexus nerve. As you carry more weight in the front and b___sts, your chest and neck muscles are working harder to keep you in balance. As a ma__sage therapist, I have found that ma__sage to the Pectorals and scalenes help relieve the pressure to that nerve and it relieves some of the tingling and numbness. Just try it, it may just help. make sure the therapist is trained in Neuromuscular and / or sports therapy. Regular relaxation isn't going to cut it for this type of problem. Good luck ladies.



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