Tingly Feeling On Rib Cage

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Kay - March 21

Has anyone else had this. I have this tingly feeling on my left side of my rib cage. Near my bra line but not under it. I feel it when I have my bra on or off. It feels like a nerve being pinched. Anyone else have this?


to Kay - March 31

I did last night, i dont know why or what it is !


Michelle - March 31

Yes I have that feeling alot now and sometimes its even painful.


Jen - April 11

Yep! You'll probably go numb as well! It's a very annoying feeling, but it does go away after the baby "drops" down...I'm in my 36th week and it's only been about 1 month now that the numbness has gone away!


Cheryll - April 17

When I was 8-9 months pregnant I had some discomfort on the left side of my rib cage. It felt better when I put pressure on it with the heel of my hand. Since I had my baby (10 months ago) I have experienced the numb feeling and occasionally a pinching feeling. I wonder if the abdominal muscles were damaged due to being so stretched out... you'd think after 10 months I'd be back to normal!


corey - July 13

oh yes... i'm glad to hear other people are having this feeling. it's can be so unconfortable. it started around my 26th week. sometimes it's not only a tingly feeling but burning feeling as well.


Staci - July 14

I have it too, on the right mostly and only when sitting down. weird isnt it? started around my 26th week as well, I am at week 29.5... anyone know what it is? could it be a foot near the ribs?


noams - July 14

Hi, I get it when I go to bed and am on my left it gets so painfull that I have to stay on the right side I am 23 weeks it seems to soon to have pain there as my baby is not big enough to reach this far. Anyone know what the cause of the pain is??


shadeya - August 5

I've had the pins and neddles feeling for some time now, I'm in my 33 week. My doctor has informed me that it is the streching and pulling of the tendants and muscles in the area. I can't wait for it to go away. Apparently it is common.


megan - August 8

I am soooo glad to hear that I am not going crazy!!! I am in my 21st week and feel like a sharp object is pinching my side (left) I was beginning to get nervous and I am hoping it will go away SOON!! Thanks for making me feel 'sane"


Jen - September 7

Yes, for me I'd explain it as discomfort near my rib. I only have it on my left side. Sometimes I feel more pressure and other times I would just call it discomfort and I tend to rub it--not that it helps! I feel it usually when sitting. I am in my 26th week and have been feeling this for only a week now. The doctor said it's too soon to be the baby's feet pushing up as that happens later in pregnancy, but rather muscles streatching. To me it does not feel like a muscle.


paula - September 26

i dont have pains in my side but have pins and neddles in my hands in yhe night has any one else....



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