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Fatima - February 22

I was just reading the warnings on the tums, which i have been taking for a while now, with this terrible heartburn. It says that as an antiacid it should not be taken for more than 2 weeks unless under supervision. I asked my doctor if i could take it for heart burn and he said it was safe. But he didnt say for how long? Has anyone been told that you shouldnt take it for a long period or something?


KAY - February 23

You should be fine taking Tums. The warnings on the bottle are really for people with "normal" heartburn not pregnancy induced heartburn. In pregnancy, recurring heartburn is normal. In non-pregnant people, it is not and could be a sign of acid reflux and other conditions. That is what the warning is for. It is to let people know that if they have heartburn constantly for 2 weeks with no relief, they should see a physician. Tums is a temporary relief and not designed to help people with chronic heartburn or other ailments. Pregnant women are just fine, though.


yungmama - February 23

You are not supposed to take the maximum daily dose for 2 weeks straight (which is like 24 or something)


Carrie - February 23

I don't think there is anything to worry about. Tums can also be used as a calcium suppliment because that is pretty much all they are. Look at the directions on the package, it has dosage amounts for pregnant women, I think its no more than 7 a day.


Laura - February 24

Hi Ladies, Just wanted to let you know I took tums through my 2nd pregnancy I got kidney stones! Too much calcium! I only took 2 a day. Just a FYI.


michelle - March 3

i took tums . i was told it was safe by my doctor. but i would still double check with your doctor.


mandee25 - March 30

I have been taking 1 Tums a day to supplement my calcium along with my Materna Prenatal Vitamins.


hb sufferer - March 30

My first pregnancy, I went through about 9 bottles of Tums/Rolaids from 3 mths on. I found out towards the end of it that I could have been taking Zantac instead. That's what I've been doing with this pregnancy...all 28 weeks it seems .


Shelby - April 5

Tums are really nothing more than baking soda and calcium, so there's nothing in them that can hurt you. The reason they say not to take them for more than the recommended time is because after a while, your body will build up an immunity to them and your stomach will begin making more acid in order to perform it's job of digesting your food properly. Hope that answers your question.


littlemama1022 - May 10

With my first pregnancy, i went through tons of bottles of tums, I have never heard that pregnant women shouldnt take them. I used them the whole 9 months. With this pregnancy, I am 25 weeks and tums arent really doing what they are suposed to be doing. I guess my body has an immunity to them now, I have to take 3 instead of 1 and sometimes 4 instead of 2. my doctor says they are completely safe.


krc - May 10

when I get heartburn I dont use antacids because they never seem to really work. I just find myself eating more and more. I take a coffee cup full of room temp water and add a spoonfull of baking soda. ( I dont mean like a mountain of baking soda but a small amount. I mix it in the water until the water is clear and chug it !!! In about one minute i'll have that burp of relief !!! LOL I prefer this to antacids because it makes it go away in one burp...maybe 2 whereas with antacids you are constantly eating them without permanent relief. So give baking soda a try next time you have bad hearburn. I warn you it doesn't taste great and if it tastes unbearable you probably put too much in your cup !!! And it is safe for pregnancies.


Aviendha416 - August 5

I'm inclined to agree with KAY here. It's to prevent the common sense challenged community from using it to "cure" the ailment they have. With chronic acid reflux, GERD etc etc, tums only relieves a symptom for a bit. It does not treat the problem. In other words, if you are not pregnant and having pregnancy induced heart burn,and you have been taking tums for 2 weeks for what seems to be a persistent bout of heart burn, GO....SEE....YOUR....DOCTOR....



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