Upper Abdomen Muscle Pain

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Lisa - February 8

I am in my third trimester and have one child already. I seem to be tearing or pulling a muscle in my upper abdomen (away from my ribs, on the surface of my belly almost) regularly. (The doctor has said that it is not a hernia.) It heals overnight, but the next day, if i lift my two-year-old or stretch the wrong way, it "tears" again. it is quite painful once it tears and is irritating all day unti li can sleep and let it heal again. does this ring any bells with anyone else? Will this affect labour (make it harder to push?) Thanks


Amanda - March 3

I would like to know the answer to this as well. Mine seems to be caused by bad posture. It helps if I sit with the back of my chair leaned back a little.


margo - March 30

I have the same thing (although only in week 24) - I would really like to know the answer too!


LeighOH - April 5

I was wondering about something similar, I have the same type of pain but it is in the lower muscles. I am 37 weeks and its not round ligament pain, I feel that differently. Theres a lot of lifting, kneeling, and such involved with my job and after work I can barely move until the next day, then it goes away until I work again. I only have a week left of work so I am just toughing it out since its almost over, but I am curious to hear if anyone finds anything out.


laura2412 - February 18

I have the same thing in the upper right side of my abdomen, and it usually radiates around to my back too. I've seen a few doctors and they say it's muscle related from the baby growing and there's not much you can do about it. It seems to be getting worse as she gets bigger (I'm 31 weeks btw). I find it really helps to put a magic bag/hot watter bottle on it or lie on my left side. Or even to put some pressure on it...which worries me too because I worry I'm hurting the baby. She seems to like to jam her foot up there too. I did have gallstones in my 1st trimester which was similar pain, but I know it's not that because it's not only after I eat that it hurts. The only thing I've really been told I can to is to go to the pool and try walking some laps. I'm just counting down the days till my due date!


Bumblebee - February 23

Could it be from the diastasis of the rectus ab muscle? It supposedly splits to accomodate the baby...


AmyAustin - July 29

I've had the same pain since around 26 weeks. My doctor said it was diastasis of the rectus ab muscle and that it would probably only get worse as there is nothing to do for it. But mine has been hurting so bad lately, it seems to be effecting the skin right above it....making it extremely sensitive/irritated, about the same as a bad sunburn that's been scratched. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've been trying to find relief for my skin, but no such luck so far. Any suggestions? Lotion only seems to make it worse.


Louise80 - August 27

AmyAustin--I have exactly the same symptoms as you! Mine is a bad tearing/stabbing pain in the upper abdomen, mine also seems to be affecting the skin above it--it is inflamed and feels just like a sunburn when I touch it. The only relief that I've had is from putting an ice pack on it. I'm so worried that it will just get worse as the baby gets bigger. I'm 28 weeks now. Does anyone else have this, and if so what does your doctor/midwife say about it? My midwife says it's the diaphragm being squashed, the doctor thinks it might be gallbladder pain. I'm really suffering with it and wish I knew what to do to help it!


TAJ - August 28

I'm so glad to hear other people are dealing with this too...no offense! I have put on bra extenders and put them to the loosest notch and found slight relief with that. I get absolutely no support, but at least I can function, somewhat. Mine had the skin irritation feeling as well and also went around to the back. My doctor has no idea what is causing this, but said it's probably from muscles stretching.


jadzia - July 13

I have had this since my 28th week. The pain can get overwhelming and I could barely move. It is on my upper left abdomen. In my 32nd week it got so bad I was hospitalized and I finally got help. First they put me in a Maternity Support belt, you can purchase this at many pharmacies. It is worn where it gives support so it is worn a bit higher then the pictures are shown. Second I started taking water aerobics. I was told the weightlessness of the water would help and everyday I do the cla__s I have less pain then the days the cla__s isn't going. I was told to stay in water that goes to my shoulders while doing the exercise so that there is no pressure on the muscles. The pain still is there if I lift or twist the wrong way, but with these two things I am once again up and functioning even if I still can't see my feet.


gypsyjangle - January 5

I am so glad I found this! I didn't know how to describe the pain until I found this. It feels like the upper abdominal muscles just under my b___sts are slowly being torn apart. I sit at a computer all day at work, and this definitely makes it worse. Once I'm at home, laying down or moving around, it stops. Nothing really alleviates it for long other than stretching by bending my back as far back as I can and ma__saging and pressing down on where the ripping pain is. Two months to go.



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