Urine Infection At 14 Weeks Pregnant Reassurance Needed

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M.B. - October 22

I have just found out I have a urine infection (I am 14 1/2 weeks pregnant)...doctor has put me on antibiotics (cilex, 1000mg twice a day) for a week saying it's safe. Has anyone else had a urine infection and continued to have a healthy pregnancy? While you had the infection did you find that your br___ts became less full? Doctor said it might be that my body is drawing fluid from anywhere it can, incl my br___ts! I had a scan to check baby was ok and it's doing fine, but I still worry about taking the pills and about all the weird stomach-pains I am having since entering the second trimester. Any info would be great.


Bohnwin - October 22

M.B. I am sure that everything is fine. UTI's are not really a big deal while you are pregnant if you catch them early on, as I think you have done. What happens is bacteria attack your bladder and kidneys, causing them to work less efficiently than if they were completely healthy. Your kidneys have a lot to do with the water balance in your body, and if they are not working right, your water balance may be off, making your body draw water from wherever it can. In your second trimester, most of your baby's core body organs and nervous system are already formed. Right now he/she is working on coordination, eye development, growing hair, and lung strength. If your doc put you on an antibiotic, take it. This will cure your UTI, and decrease your chances of a fever (fevers of above 105 degrees Farenheit may cause brain damage or kidney damage in a fetus). I'm sure your doc has you and your baby's best interests in mind.


M - October 24

I had a really bad UTI when I wa 27 weeks pregnant. They also put me on 10 day antibiotics for it and it kicked it very well. My cervix actually thinned out from having the infection so I was put on mild bedrest. But yes the medicine is completely fine to take. Its alot worse if you dont treat it and quite painful too. The stomach pains can either be from UTI or the meds which caused me to have some tummy pain too. Also round ligament stretching. As you are entering your 2nd trimester...your body will grow and stretch. :) So hang in there all is well...take that medicine


jena - October 31

i had 4 UTI's in my second trimester - promise i'm not lying - I wish I was! i had antibiotics for each one and after my second trimester I haven't had one again. It's COMPLETELY normal in pregnancy - the antibiotics they would give you are safe and they happen sometimes because you cannot empty your bladder as well with the pressure on it. As for the stomach pains, I had the same thing when I was about as far along, kind of below my belly - it was round ligament stretching like M said. Don't worry!! Hopefully you'll get over this UTI and not get anymore. GL!


Eleanor - November 18

I am 15 weeks pregnant and I am also taking antibiotics because of urine infection. The midwife did an hvs test to know what type of bacteria is causing the infection. I will have the results next week. But it is very important that we cure the infection aspecially when it comes to giving birth.


Annette - November 23

I had both UTI and yeast infection at the same time; yet the doctor just prescribed an OTC cream which eventually helped. I was shocked to discover how common these things are in pregnancy. Best of luck!



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