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kim - May 23

can anyone tell me the symptoms of an UTI when pregnant. I am 16 weeks pregnant and feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes. I have no pain but the annoyance of having to constantly go to the bathroom. When I do go I don't understand how I can keep going when I didn't drink anything!


Autumn - May 23

I am getting over a UTI right now, and my only symptoms were constant urination (and unfortunately, a little leakage) and a foul odor to my urine. I went to the doctor, and sure enough, it was a bladder infection. I would defintely go in if I were you.


Kim - May 23

Thank you so much Autumn. I will call in the morning to make an appointment-did they put you on antibiotics and if so is it safe for the baby? Thanks for your response.


Jessica - May 26

It is normal to have to pee that often I am 17 wks and still have the urgency to pee. I haven't had a UTI while preg however I do know a lot about them cause i used to average 5-6 a year! Burning when you urniate, feeling like you have to pee but NOTHING comes out not even a trickle but it feels like you are gonna pee a gallons worth, kidney/lower back pain sometimes when you've let it go too far. ask a dr and in the meantime drink cranberry juice and water.


Katharine - May 27

My doctor said that it is common for pregnant women not to have all the normal signs of a UTI-burning or itching, specifically. They can do a urine test to find out, though.


2 KIM - May 27

Unfortunately us pregnant girls are prone to these annoying infections. I feel like I constantly have a yeast or bladder infection. Peeing frequently is normal. Im always running to the bathroom. I know I have a uti when I go to pee and I can't go. Its that annoying painful feeling of wanting to pee so bad, bud nothing comes out. Also it can burn or usualy if you have a foul order that is a bacterial infection, also common in pregnancy. Some c___p we have to deal with for 9 months:)Kelsey


to Kim - July 18

I have the urge to pee. It happens only when I lay down in fetus position or feel movement in lower abdomen and than I can feel my pee coming about every 5 minutes. I run to the bathroom about 4 or 5 times. Than I fall asleep wake up pee and I do not pee anymore than about every 30 minutes.


miranda - July 18

It could very well be a uti. I had 3 with my last pregnancy and 2 with this one - and I didn't really have any symptoms besides peeing a lot, which I thought was just pregnancy. I think every single time they gave me macrobid, which is safe for baby but it did make my heartburn worse, if you struggle with that. Don't put off asking the dr because uti's can become serious if untreated.


Rita - July 25

Hi everybody.Well, i am 2 mths pg.One morning, 3 or 4 months before i conceive i felt the urge to pee, i would continuously go to the bathroom. I went to a doctor; the urine and blood test meant no significant bacterial growth. It means there was no infection. I took antibiotics though. After that i felt the same urge one night i had to sleep near the bathroom. I noticed it would happen after my menses. Then i got pg some 3 to 4 mths later and now I am 2 mth pg like i said. I still feel the urge to pee i go to the bathroom every 2 hours. Sometimes every hour + lots of viginal discharge. Its very uncomfortable. I really don't know if there is uti. Can anyone tell me if uti can affect my baby? I am really confused.



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