Vaginal Burning Since Pregnant

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dana - July 5

Since I am 3 mnths pregnant, now 6 months, I have had non stop va___al burning. I have been to 2 different OB doctors and the ER. All say that it is sensitivity to the hormone change. I have done everything from cotton underwear to a sugar free diet .Even monistat. It got to the point of now staying home everyday with lose pants and no underwear. Nothing helps or supresses the pain.Should i get a 4th opinion or is this normal and will i feel normal again after delivery? Please answer. I am going out of my mind.


Carla - July 18

Hi Dana, I have the same problem. I am 28 weeks now and I have been having this v____al burning for a long time. I had yeast, VB and UTI too but other times when there is no infection at all I still have the burning. My doc told me that it must be a reaction to to the hormone change. It is very unconfortable. Did you hear anything new about you?


Jbear - July 19

I have the same thing. The strange thing about it is that when my husband and I have been intimate, he gets a rash. This didn't happen during my first pregnancy. The one thing that seems to help is to shower a couple of times a day. I bought one of those hose attachments for the shower so I can wash thoroughly.


Brandy - July 27

I too am 6 months pregnant and have been to the doctor many times because of the burning or rawness feeling. The doctor checked and said I did not have any infections, that it was just my body reacting to the changing hormones. He did suggest I use vitamin E oil or aloe vera oil (the purest form is from the plant) with no alcohol in it. I tried these and they do seem to soothe the burning somewhat! Hope this helps:-)


Jenn - October 13

I have had the same thing since about 3 months -- now almost 5 months pregnant -- and boy is it really frustrating. I, too, have had yeast and BV a couple of times, but the burning and pain still continues even when the infections are not there. The one thing that I have found helps is to clean the area a couple of times a day. My OB actually suggested using a damp washcloth to wipe the area clean a couple of times a day. It doesn't eliminate the problem, but it does ease the pain somewhat.


Lauren - October 14

Its funny these things that they never tell you about in the books. I have had a burning / sore feeling since about 4 weeks pregnant and thought it must be thrush but swabs negative. Thought they had made a mistake but maybe the hormones too !


Maraen - October 14

I also have pretty much had the same thing and I am now 36 weeks pregnant. I had a UTI once, and all the other times, they said no infection. It's horrible though, I can scratch and the pain is so bad that I feel like it will bleed sometimes! I clean the area every time I use the bathroom and sleep without any panties or bottoms on to let air get to the area. One other lovely thing about being pregnant!


Tish - October 16

I am suffering also, I am 26 weeks. There is no moisture round my v____a, I have a burning sensation and nothing seems to soothe it not even my aloe gel :( It gets embarra__sing when you are out and all you want to do is itch!!! Last night I got ice cubes wrapped in a towel and placed this between my legs. It helped reduced the swelling a bit.


Carla - October 16

Hi, I have been having the same thing during my pregnancy as I mentioned in my post on July 18. I had my beautiful baby girl one week ago and I can tell you that the burning is gone!! so don't worry, just wait a little bit. It's so worth! good luck.


vickie - October 17

hi, i'm only 5 weeks, and i have itching that feels like BV, when i called the nurse at the ob she told me to go ahead and use monistat externally, i did, but i read somewhere else on webmd that you should not treat it v____ally when you're pregnant. now i'm worried. did anyone elses doctor tell them that monistat 7 was okay to use during pregnancy? please help


maria - October 23

i too have this burning and found monistat useless i use pramox hc lotion and it is a great relief


Missyd - September 18

I had the same problem for 6 weeks on and off in my 6th-7th month. My doctor ran tests, they were all negative, and she thought it was urine irritation. I didn't feel that was it. It seemed like it was the position of the baby because I sometimes got relief changing what side I laid on. I remembered that with my first pregnancy (I didn't have the burning with my first pregnancy) I drank Organic Rasberry Leaf tea by Traditional Medicinals daily. It supports the femaly system and strenghtens the uterus. So I started drinking that again along with a lot of Cranberry Emergen-C. It soon went away and has not come back. It is worth a try. The tea is and Emergen-C are available at health food stores and some standard grocery stores.


maxwellm - February 17

I have had the same thing since i was 4 weeks, i am now 8 weeks. It drives me crazy. It is so uncomfortable and i haven't found anything to give me any relief. My OB recommended vitamin A & D ointment, not the cream. The ointment is thicker and feels better. You can use as much as you want as often as you want, external only! I started using it 2 days ago and using that with a little bit of tylenol and unscented wipes for cleaning, i have felt relief.


ria223 - June 13

I'm glad I'm not alone...I thought I was crazy. Please someone help what to do? and how long does it last?


kld1202 - June 15

I am about six weeks pregnant and i am having the same problem. It is the only symptom i have, rather then any smell or discharge....I will try some of the natural remedies!


RR1980 - July 23

I am 13 weeks pregnant and have been having the same symptoms for about a week now. I had some discomfort eariler but the itching and burning have been more prominent this week. I really wondered if it was just my hormones but like someone mentioned eariler, you wont read about this in your pregnancy books!! Im really happy to see the different rememdies that have been helping others.


2boysmommy - August 25

I am 24 weeks pregnant and am having the same problem. I have been to the doc and had swabs no infection. She just said I was red, raw and inflammed. I burn so bad after s_x and when I pee. I am definitely going to try some of the remedies mentioned!!



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