Vaginal Burning Since Pregnant

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2boysmommy - August 25

I am 24 weeks pregnant and am having the same problem. I have been to the doc and had swabs no infection. She just said I was red, raw and inflammed. I burn so bad after s_x and when I pee. I am definitely going to try some of the remedies mentioned!!


bananarainbow - September 2

I had a terrible time with this when I was pregnant. I thought I had thrush all the time, but the tests came out negative. I had always had v____al discomfort before pregnancy and I have again now, but nothing like as bad as when I was pregnant. Recently found an aloe product called Bio Fem Active Gel. I think it might only be available in the UK, but I might be wrong. (Or else you can probably get hold of some on Amazon, etc..) It is really soothing and it's great for any kind of v____al itching or discomfort. (It also claims to cure BV and prevent thrush). It says that it's safe to use during pregnancy, and I really wish that I'd known about it when I was pregnant! Well, maybe if I get pregnant again I'll use it.. This has really helped me a lot, maybe it might help some of you too.


Smb41 - January 13

I am 21 weeks pregnant now and this has been going on for a few months now. I don't even know what to do! At first I had infections that I thought were causing the burning feeling but once they were gone I still had the burning! I don't even know what to do! I get nervous that something may be wrong and I don't want to hurt my baby girl!


courtney1 - January 24

I am 18 weeks pregnant and pretty much have had the same problem since I found out I was pregnant. I did have a yeast infection once due to antibiotics from having a UTI! talk about miserable!! but I still am experiencing a constant burning/irritation. I go to my dr all the time thinking I have BV but every time my test come back negative. I have found that drinking ALOT of water and atleast one gla__s of cranberry juice a day helps, I try my hardest to stay away from soft drinks and taking baths with irritate me even more! also due to an increased amount of discharge since I have become pregnant (which my dr said is completely normal) I try to always keep dry even if I have to change my underwear 3 times a day it HELPS!!!


Smb41 - January 24

Courtney1 - I found that drinking a lot of water has helped too! It is so strange! It doesn't make the problem go away completely though. Has your doctor told you what might be causing this? I have my next appt in a week so I want to discuss this more in dept then. I'm getting frustrated! Do you know what you're having?


courtney1 - January 27

Smb41- yes I am having a baby boy! I am so excited I can't wait! I spoke with my dr she said it can be caused by the hormonAl changes happening in my body. But in my case the burning is more interior then it is exterior and she said the cause of this is due to the irriation of the urinary tract, when you are pregnant your urinary tract is much more sensitive and swollen, which can cause the build of bacteria easier then when you are not pregnant. She said the best thing to do is drink plenty water and cranberry to flush put your bladder and always use the bathroom whenever you feel the urge. I don't know if it is the same for everyone but that is what she says causes my irritation.


kjz mommy - September 21

I am 22 weeks pregnant & have been having the same problem... At 9 weeks my OB said I had BV so she gave me an anti biotioc, which gave me a yeast infection. So the yeast infection went away & the BV came back... During which time my va-jj had been burning & itching like crazy some points to tears. So the BV went away, I treated it the 2nd time with herbs because I did not want another yeast infection... but I was still burning so I cut out ALL prosducts with yeast... That made it better, then it started burning again so I looked up online for natural ways to help burning during pregnancy and it said to take a shallow warm bath with about 15 drops of tea tree oil (essential oils). That helped A LOT!!!!! After about a week it felt better. Then last week it started to burn after I ate fried food then the next day it stopped... Then today I ate some french fries from a fast food chain & almost instantly it started burning again... So... I have come to the conclusion to stay away from fried food


Hisbabygirl4ever - October 15

I am having the same burning issue in my v****a area it is so uncomfortable I have no infections no nothing I do believe I am pregnant but still not sure I had the Essure done in 2009 but for the past 2 months I have had nothing but pregnancy symptoms and my belly is growing enormously so is this Burning thing really a sign of pregnancy from hormones.?? I still have had my period but it was late can you still be pregnant and have your period?? 


Valestevez - June 2

I’m 7 weeks pregnant and have been having the same issue since I found out around 3 weeks. Same thing happened to me, had BV & UTI and retested after antibiotics to make sure it was gone. No sign of infection. Dr. said it’s probably the hormones... but still in pain every day. I’ve learned to manage it... I drink at least half a liter of water in the morning once I wake up (pain already felt) and try to avoid using the bathroom for at least a half hour. Once the time frame is up I use the bathroom and kinda “flush” out my system. I think it helps bc it dilutes the concentration of hormones... at least in my mind it does. Usually after this I am good for the rest of the day but make a very conscious effort to keep hydrating. Hope his helps!


KailaSpillane - June 6

I am having the same exact problem. I’ve been dealing with it since about 16 weeks and I’m now 21 weeks pregnant. First, I went to the dr for vaginal burning and they did a swab that came back positive for bv. I got on antibiotics for bv and that went away, but the burning never went away. My burning is more internal and seems to get more irritated when I pee. I have good days where it’s not so bad and days where the burning is unbearable. I’ve also been treated as a precautionary for yeast and uti, although all tests have always came back negative. I’m literally worried sick that this is going to be my life from now on. Someone please tell me they’ve been through this and it’s just a pregnancy thing!!!! Any any information or advice you have I would love to hear. 



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