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kurlylox24 - April 26

Recently I had BV, I got treated with metronidazole cream which I used for 5 days, twice daily. 4 days after finishing the medication, I started having the yellow greenish discharge again. (Last time it had no smell but it did itch). I talked to my doctor about it and she said that as long as it did not turn into a dark green color, I should be fine. Sometimes, its more on the greenish side, and sometimes, its more on the yellowish side. (sorry tmi)... anyway, in between, I have clear leukkorhea and no discomfort. It doesn't itch either. Even though the doctor told me that I was fine I was worried. I talked to my sister and she said that I was fine because she had the same thing going on when she was pregnant and she had no infection. She said its all part of the "wonderful" process of pregnancy. Anyway, why would my discharge still be yellow-green? is my va___a still clearing up the infection? Its only been two weeks since I finished the medication. I have been trying to figure it out by going on the web but it always says that green can be a sign of infection.I was persistent with the doctor but she did not seem concerned at all . Has anyone else had this?


mangobese - June 5

Girl i also have the same problem now i use panty liner like everyday. Can someone please help!!!!!


lrachel - June 13

Honestly, I would ask to be cultured again. Untreated BV infections are linked to premature rupture of the membranes, which can lead to premature birth. It happened to me at 20 weeks (delivery at 23).


blessed tlt - June 21

I have bben having the same problem. When I first found out I was pregnant I gto tested for STD's and HIV and all my test was negative. But am still concern, because sometimes it itches and sometimes it smells. My doctor told me just drink lots of water and clear liquid but is it normal?



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