Vaginal Heaviness Amp Vulva Varicose Veins

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Wendy - July 28

Hi, I am nearly 26 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I have started experiencing an extremely dull heaviness in my va___a along with severe, visible vulva varicose veins. These are really uncomfortable and I am a little worried as my scan at 20 weeks showed a low-lying placenta. I need to go for another scan at 32 weeks, however, I am concerned that I might go into labour early and also that the birth may be complicated by the varicose veins. Any advice or feedback would be great.


danielle - July 29

HI, I am about 31 weeks with my fourth child,this pregnancy my varicose veins are the worst they have ever been, so bad I had to stay in bed for three days.My whole v____al area swelled up the size of a grape fruit.My mother in-law told me to use corn starch on it,I said "ya right that will work" I did it any way, and well I'm up walking around.


Wendy - July 29

Hi Danielle. Thanks for your reply. I am a little confused as to how exactly you are meant to use the corn starch. I am willing to try anything, and sometimes, the old remedies are the best!


Melinda - August 8

Hi - I also had terrible varicose veins with my second pregnancy. As well as horrible pain and pressure during the last month, a major problem was having an episiotomy during the birth itself. My Dr. couldn't find anywhere to cut because the veins were all over. After the baby was pushed out somewhat she finally found a decent spot to cut. I think it can be dangerous if they burst on their own. I would check with your Dr. about this. I had never heard of this until it happened to me.


Gina 12-27-05 - August 23

I have them now too. I am 22 weeks with 5th baby. Doctor said I might not be able to work til end of pregnancy. I am a teacher. I am worried.


Bump - August 29



Lynn - September 19

I am 23 weeks pregnant and have had an extemely easy pregnacy until this. Gina, i am also a teacher and am going to the doctor tommorrow. Anyone have any advice on how to relive the pain/discomfort/pressure.


Becky - September 20

Hi- I'm 32 weeks pregnant and the varicose veins are killing me! When I stand in the morning, they harden and going to the bathroom is not fun either. Has anyone heard of these veins erupting while delivering the baby v____ally? Also, does anyone know what hormones in the body are responsible for this? I'm wondering if the s_x of the baby has anything to do with this.


New at this - September 21

what and where are these veins u guys r talking worried now. =(


Jbrio - September 22

I'm am 37 weeks pregnant and for a few weeks now I've had a lot of swelling of the labia, pubic bone area etc. It really hurts to sit in certain positions and sometimes even when I walk. I haven't noticed any varicose veins, but then again, I can't even see those parts anymore, has anyone got an idea of how to relieve it and has anyone tried icepacks with success?


Zeta - September 25

Hi, I'm 32 weeks with my second pregnancy and i too develop these veins on one side only(right). To me they are not uncomfortable, sometimes i feel them hard and sometimes they disapear. I really am confused what they really are. Someone has the same problem ?


bubbylolly - November 1

I too had a painful pregnancy with vulva varicose veins. I found this wonderful product called the Fembrace V-Brace and it literally saved my life. It is a miracle support garment. I recommend everyone with painful veins checking out this product. You won't regret it.


jen23 - November 2

hi wendy i am currently 8 weeks preg with my third child. i had vulva varicose veins with my second child and found them really uncomfortable. i had a natural birth and had no problems whatsoever with these veins. they disappeared a couple of weeks after giving birth. i am really dreading it this time round incase i get them again. good luck. you can buy special ice packs which are supposed to be for after the birth if you have any st_tches nut im sure they would be ideal to use now. good luck!!!!!!!


inbloom32 - August 17

these posts are years old... but in case anyone else logs on with the same problem... try soaking a pad with witch hazel and sticking in the freezer for a bit... then sit on it and it will help the area and calm down the swelling. also, look up some homeopathics like butcher's broom... can get it at any good health food store! these things helped me... :) 3rd pregnancy with vulva varicose veins! no fun!


dasweetestghurl1 - February 2

Hi i'm a nursing student & i'd like to share some information about varicose veins & vulvar varicose veins that i'm copying from my textbook: "Vericose veins are a result of weakening of the walls of veins or faulty functioning of the valves. poor circulation in the lower extremities predisposes individuals to varicose veins in the lefts and things, as does prolonged standing or sitting. pressure of the gravid uterus on the pelvic veins prevents good venous return & may therefore aggravate existing problems or contribute to obvious changes in the veins of the legs. Treatment of varicose veins by surgery or injection is not generally recommended during pregnancy. The woman can be advised that treatment may be needed after she gives birth because the problem will be aggravated by subsequent pregnancies. Although they are less common, varicosities in the vulva & perineum may also develop. THey produce aching & a sense of heaviness. Wearing one of the foam rubber commercial products that is placed across the perineum & held in place by a sanitary pad type belt can provide support for vulvar varicosities. Elevation of only the legs aggravates vulvar varicosities by crating stasis of blood in the pelvic area. Therefore, it is important that the pelvic are also be elevated to promote venous drainage into the trunk of the body. The woman may best relieve uterine pressure on the pelvic veins by resting on her side. blocks may also be placed under the foot of her bed to elevate it slightly." i hope you enjoy. this is the textbook i got it from "Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing Care" (7th ed) by Patricia Ladewig, Marcia London, & Michele Davidson.


Mateo2011 - February 13

Hello, my name is Cecilia and I'm 3 months pregnant. my gynecologist prescribed me a drug called Nystatin in v____al tablets. Let me know if this drug is harmful to my baby. I await your response. Thank you very much.


Mateo2011 - February 13

Clarify: I'm pregnant 3 months, or 12 weeks. thanks.



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