Very Very Bad Pains What Is Happening

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Corrine321 - March 13

I am 15 and 26 weeks pregnant, well I am very worried that im losing my baby or something because I'm having these very very bad pains on my left side and underneath my belly button... There kind of like cramps.. My mom told me it might be preasure from the baby, because my uterus is stretching more! I am just very worried... ever since i found out i was pregnant I havent drank, smoked, I havent even been around anything like that when i was pregnant! No parties anything... I eat very healthy and dont even drink pop.. i drink water and juice... what is going on? I am very worried....


Corrine321 - March 14

is anyone gonna answer me?


Chrissy - March 14

HI Corrine, I am 29 weeks and had some cramping around my 26th week too, which went away after an hour or so. It could be ligaments stretching, and muscles stretching, but of course it could be a sign of preterm labor too. You need to call your doctor. It is unlikely you are losing your baby at this stage and it is most likely growing pains as your baby is starting to grow much more rapidly now and in the next 14 weeks. Obviously you need to seek care immediately if you have any spotting or anything like that too. Make sure to call your doctor about it if you haven't already. That's what I did, and they had me come in and checked me out to make sure I was fine. I was feeling like muscles were tearing! Good luck to you!


Chrissy - March 14

By the way, do you know about round ligament pain? I had that alot on my left side too. It's usually worse when standing. It could be that too. The round ligaments on both sides stretch. I hope you're feeling better soon


Tanna - March 15

May be belly b___ton hernia. Depends on how the pain feels I guess. I'm sure your Dr. can tell you.


Chrissy - March 15

I agree with Tanna. I was going to say that too. In fact I have an umbilical hernia that popped out around 13- 15 weeks along, and maybe you have one too and that's why our symptoms are similar!


Corrine321 - March 16

I went to the doctors today and they told me its just cramps... So I'm not to worried about it now.. I have my 28 week doctors appt. in 2 weeks!!! yay!!


Chrissy - March 16

Hi Corrinne, I am so glad everything is fine. I thought it would be! It sounds like you're feeling better! Congrats! We are getting closer!! I have my 30 week appt soon! Take care! Chrissy



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