What Position To Sleep In

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Louise - June 1

I have yet to find a comfortable way to sleep that seems to feel "safe" for the baby. The doctor told me to only sleep on my sides, but not on my back. Although, I get such bad heartburn at night and my dinner starts to come up even if it was hours before. Does anyone sleep on their back, but with lots of pillows tilted up and is that safe? I'm at 27 weeks.


prancingdoe - June 1

i am not as far along as you are, i am only 14 weeks, but i think as long as you are comfortable the baby is OK. i slept on my back with my son all the time and he was just fine. plus, who can honestly stay on one side sleeping all night long!! you are bound to toss and turn some. i would listen to the doctor, but don't worry so much if you find yourself on your back. baby is very well-protected in your belly.


loree - June 1

I am 38 wks along and still have to sometimes sleep with my upper body elevated due to heartburn....as long as you are not completely flat on your back than you and the baby will be fine...my nurse actually recommended 2 to 3 pillows under my upper back if that is comfortable and try not to eat anything atleat a 11/2 hrs prior to going to bed.


brittni - June 4

I can't sleep!!! I don't know if it's because of the baby, or if there's some other reason. I'm 7 months, and I just can't seem to get comfy, no matter what I do. I've always been a side sleeper, but even that doesn't feel good anymore. Does anyone know if I could take a sleep med???? Help!!!!


nelly - June 5

there is only one position that i can sleep in and that is on my right side and it gets old i have had intense pain in my ribs on the left and i can not sleep on that side because it feels as if my ribs are going to pop out. so i sleep on the right side with a bady pillow to wrap aroud.


nelly - June 5

oops i meant body pillow


gooze - June 7

I ain't a far along as you are i am only 4 weeks. I am comfortable sleeping anyway, even on my belly it kind of makes the pain go away if you have it . I know its not good but thats the best way i am comfortable.


marine wife - June 10

I used to wake up all the time on my back I am 37 weeks now and i find it uncomfortable to sleep on my back but lying down with pillows behind you to prop you wont hurt the baby



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