Worried About Cramps

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Worried - December 14

I am expereincing "period like" cramps. I have already taken a test and it shows positive, but I still have the cramps just like I usually do right before my period. I am so worried because I had a miscarriage 10 months ago. I am only about 3 weeks pregnant


Christine - December 14

It is very common to have period like cramps throughout the first trimester and even futher during pregnancy...sorry to hear about your loss and glad to hear your good news..try not to worry..it only makes things worse..and be rea__sured cramping is one of the most common side effects of early pregnancy...good luck


layla - December 17

i had exactly the same problem and i was reasurred that due to implantation and your uterus amd muscles stretching that pain is perfecty normal. if however you are bleedind or spotting you should go and see you doc. remember not to stress so much as that too can cause pain!


Kelly - January 21

I am glad to hear form others that this is common. I too am having period like cramps on and off. Both a hom e and blood test comfirm that I am pregnant. I also had a miscarriage 6 months ago, it is also very scary to me. I feel more relived now.


Carly - January 27

I thought there wa__some thing wrong with me i also had a miscarrage 3 months ago that was one of 3. My mid wife told me that just because you have one miscarrage does not mean that you cant have babys. It simply means there was something wrong with that pregnancy. Im shure you will be ok.


michelle - January 28

I am 10 weeks pregnant, this is my first and i have been having lots of cramping, after spending 9.5hrs in the ER, they said that the cramping was normal and that some woman are just more sensitive....so try not to stress that makes it worse...good luck


Karen - January 31

I understand excatly how you feel. I too had a micarriage at 6 weeks three months ago. I am now 7 weeks pregnant and consumed with lots of fear. I am expereincing "period like" cramps also, they come and go. I will be praying for both of us. Take it easy and try to relax. Try your best not to overexcert yourself and get plenty of rest. You also start taking folic acid (doctor prescribed dosage.)


Mary - February 3

I appreciate everyone's answer. I'm 3 weeks pregnant ( my first) and was worried that something is wrong because I'm having cramps


Missy - February 4

I am glad to see that I am not the only one out there. I am about 5.5 wks - I will know for sure on when I go to the Doctors in a few days. I took a test and it showed POS - I am now 11 days late for my period but I get cramps like I may start my period but no blood. I get scared that I may miscarry (this is my first pregnancy) and I just want this baby so badly and I am so scared I just want to be OK. I am so glad I found this forum - my boyfriend can't understand what goes through my mind RE miscariage - he doesn't have the baby inside of him. He just tells me that I will be fine, but I can't help but worry. Don't be worried about cramps - looks like it happens to alot of pregnant women. I will pray for the both of us - best of luck in life and your pregnancy!!!!


michelle - February 20

im 3 days late and now im spooting


CC - February 28

Re: talking to husbands and boyfriends - Men often feel that if they are faced with a question that they cannot answer, that it is their job to tell you "don't worry, it's nothing." That response can actually add to a woman's stress if she has fears of miscarriage so remember when you discuss these things with your partner that he may be just as scared, but doesn't know how to express it without looking weak. Best wishes to all you future mommies out there!


Jennifer - March 2

I really appreciate all of these answers. I just tested positive on a home test last night. I have very regular periods and was 3 days late, but I kept thinking I was getting my period because I have period-like cramps. Then I was worried that I was going to miscarry -- or that I had en eptopic pregnancy! It makes me feel so much better to know that cramping is normal this early. THANK YOU!!


Brandy - March 2

I'm 8 weeks today and am having period-like cramping also. I went for my first prenatal visit yesterday and my doc said everything was beautiful. I heard the heartbeat already. Good luck to everyone!


Naomi - March 17

It really is so rea__suring to see that so many other people are experiencing cramps too! I am 5 weeks pregnant and have been getting cramps every morning and evening for two weeks now and was getting worried. I hope you all have healthy pregnancies. Best Wishes. N x


RITA - March 17



Kate - March 22

I think it is very common to have the cramps. I have been throught 2 M/C. Unless you have bleeding and severe pain, I don't think there is anything to worry about. I'm 5 weeks 2 days and having on and off cramps. No spotting or bleeding so I am not going to worry!! Good luck to everyone!!


Lindsey - March 22

So glad everyone is experiencing similar things. It feels like my period is coming but when I check...NOTHING! I am only 5 weeks along and I feel so much better now!! Thanks everyone~



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