Yeast In Fections For 3 Years Ahhhhhh Help

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new mom to be is unhappy - June 23

Hello ladies, im 21 and 8 weeks pregnant and ive been dealing with yeast infection for about 3 years now,Everytime i get one i use to have a perscription for diflucan, but since the baby i cant take it,i would take the pill it would go away for about 3 weeks then return,Now i feel that i left with the option of the cremes only, everytime i use them i am very irratated, its kinda painful for me, i hate using the cremes, this problem i am having, it is a huge bother for me,Does anyone know what i can do to get rid of having them for good, if theres something that i need to start doing or stop doing i will, just can anyone help me , i am begging pleassseeeeee!!!!!!!!


Jbear - June 24

You could try taking acidophilus. It's a supplement you can find in the vitamin aisle at the store. Or eat yogurt with active cultures. Sometimes frequent yeast infections can be a sign of a health problem like diabetes. If you were douching frequently before pregnancy, that could kill off the good bacteria that live in the v____a, and cause yeast infections too. Or, if you've been on antibiotics that can do it, too. My sister had yeast infections the whole time she lived in the dorm at college, because she kept getting strep and having to have antibiotic shots.


jbear - June 27

ive been tested for everything, and im not on antibotics, i just continue to get yeast infection, it driving me crazy, i need help!!!


lala - June 30

It sounds as though your partner may need to take some treatment too if you have recurrent infection. if you both have some form of treatment (a pill for him and a pessary for you) and abstain from intercourse for at least a week, the infection should go, and it won't come back. I know that pessaries are safe in pregnancy because they act locally and don't go through your digestive system. always check with your midwife first. She may take a swab to see if it really is a yeast infection, it may be that it is something else that is troubling you. Good luck with it!


no it yeast - June 30

my doc said that my levels are off, and me and my boyfriend has been trated about 4 month ago, its not him its me, The acidophilus is that okay for the baby, and is it exspensive


Jbear - June 30

Acidophilus is a live culture found in yogurt. That's why they suggest eating a lot of yogurt to help yeast infections. It's not expensive, about four dollars a bottle at walmart, but do ask your doctor before you start taking it.


hey - June 30

I had the same problem!!!! I know how you feel. What worked for me was acidophilus and yogurt daily. Yes, it is safe. Jbear is right. Try it


THANKS - July 1

I hope this works im so tired of this problem sometimes i just want to have my crotch removed,lol,but thanks


chadian - July 3

i think were in the same trap! im also dealing with yeast infection for about 3 years also. I always went to my Gynecologist to help me deal with it. My doctor always examine my urine test before giving some prescriptions. And she always diagnose me having a UTI. She said this is the cause of infection that's why i have foul odor and yellowish discharge. She recommend me to take antibiotics like AMOCLAV, QUINOLON(this is not safe for pregnant woman.) and told me to drink a lot of water. I am pregnant now and still experiencing it. the last prescription she gave is CANESTEN 100mg(v____al tablet)this is a tablet inserting in v____a. it is safe for pregnant woman.and i think it help me to lessen my infection.


miranda - July 3

to chadian: your symptoms do not sound like a uti, you might want to get a second opinion. if you are experiencing yeast infection problems and you take antibiotics you will probably make the problem much worse, as antibiotic are one of the causes of yeast infections. Check with your dr or another dr but this doesn't sound right.


d - July 6

i am having the same problem since im is the most aggrivating thing especially when my boyfriend wants to have intercourse. its frustrating having to constantly say no. iam still trying to find a cure myself but i heard that if you get a yeast infection when pregnant it wont stop until delivery. sorry i dont have an answer but just letting you know your not alone


utr - July 6

I used to get them for awhile and I could never figure out why! Then I realized that it happened after I shaved myself (I know, tmi) for my husband (he really likes it). I must have been irritating it enough to the point that it just became an infection each time. I had to stop shaving, and I haven't had a problem since.


KrisD - July 6

I went through a phase where I seemed to have them all the time too - It all started after being on antibiotics for a while. I ate a TON of yogurt and did the acidophillus - avoided s_x for a little while - wore nothing on the bottom 1/2 when I went to bed, avoided anything sugary (especially candy) and eventually got out of the cycle. I sympathize with you - I think I cried to the dr a couple of times. I heard that Diflucan can sort of mess with your balance if taken a number of times, so maybe it is good to lay off it for a while anyway. I also read that different brands of the creams attack different strains of yeast, so make sure to try a different brand. Good luck!


doing good - July 15

Im been doing real good,Lately, i ve done the 7 day treatment, and been taking acidophilous, and feeling great, no yeast , but i think i may be speaking to soon, we will see in about 2 weeks or so, but thanks anyway


juli - August 12

all I have to say is acidophilus, acidophilus, acidophilus! It is awonder pill. I struggled with yeast infections for along time after I met my husband 3 years ago. After I started taking it I never turned back and haven't had Y.I. since.


barb - August 16

I feel for you, especially being preg. The acidophilus is a great treatment as well as avoiding white sugar and breads. Some strains of acidophilus are greater than others also. A good probiotic is also great if you are not responding to the acidophilus. Probiotics are also found at the health food store in the refridgerator. They contain acidophilus plus more, and you can take them while preg. You can't consume enough yogurt to rid yourself of these troublesome things. You also benefit from garlic, which is antifungal. I keep a small purse size spray bottle in my bathroom that contains approx. 3oz. water, to which I add about a tablespoon of vinegar to. If I start to feel itchy, I spray the area with the solution when I go to the bathroom, it also neutralizes urine odor if you leak during pregnancy. Hope this helps. Good luck!


Bree - August 19

Everyone's right about the acidophilus. I have used it. I just go to walmart and it's cheap. I buy the most potent I can find. I don't remember the actual number, though?! ^^^This may sound a little odd, but I researched yeast infections when I couldn't seem to get rid or stay rid of yeast infections. I read somewhere that hydrogen peroxide is th right acidity or something like that. If I get one I will apply a generous amount of peroxide on my outside. It burns somewhat, but it will help it go away. I'm not really sure if it can harm you while pregnant, though. I have used it a time or two when I felt like I had one coming on, but like I said, I know it sounds weird but I promise you it works for me! Best of luck to ya in treating it.



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