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Amanda - January 2

I'm not pregnant, but I might have a yeast infection and I couldn't think of anywhere else to ask, real women. Well, i'm not so sure that it's ever happened before, but i have had mild itching in the past and just kind of let it go because it didn't burn or turn red,it was just an itch. I woke up again the other day and I had a slight itch but later that night me and my boyfriend had s_x with a condom that had spermicide on it and the next day I woke up and it was itching terribly and it was red and sore and i had discharges that were white and gunky. I've had white discharge before but it never had this texture. before it was like regular discharge and now it's thicklike discharge. The irritation is terrible and someone told me to go see my doctor, but it's sunday and I don't think i can wait anylonger..would it be safe to use Monistat without doctors permission? do you think it may be a yeast infection? please help


bump - January 2



adrienne - January 2

if this is the first time that you suspect you have a yeast infection, you should go to the doctor first to confirm it. It definitely sounds like one. After you are familiar with the symptoms if it happens again you can just go to the pharmacy and get the medicine. I know it is sooo unbearable and if it were me I would use the medicine anyway but technically the rule is to go to the doc first. Maybe you can just use it externally untill you get to your appt. It may help with the itching. They also sell creams for the itching.


Amanda - January 3

it is my first time, and it's now monday, i was going to call and get an appointment. but the itching has died down and the redness and irritation have gone away. I used an anti-itch cream and now all that there is left is discharge. should I still be concerned and go to the doctor or should i just a__sume it was irritation due to the spermicide on the condom?


lady - January 20

go to the doctors



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