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sheila - February 14

I have had yeast infection during my pregnancy more than four times. My doctor keeps giving me medication for it but it seems that it wont go away and it scares me . What could be the cause of it?


DJ - February 14

I had one also before I got the postive on the hpt. I'm now 6 weeks and supposedly if you get it once you're prone to getting it. My doctor prescribed over the counter canesten and says it doesn't harm the baby. don't worry abut it. You may need a different medication to treat it and that's why it's coming back.


AD - February 20

Hi sheila...I've had 2 yeast infections during my pregnancy so far (I'm almost 19 weeks) and I was told that no matter what you take (and I've been using the over the counter monostat) that if you get it once during your pregnancy, don't be surprised if it reoccurs many times up until delivery. I was like "GREAT!" ARGHH! I hate these things! But at least they are normal and there isn't anything wrong. If your doctor's already seen you to give you meds it isn't a bacterial infection, so just keep doing what you're doing....maybe increase your yogurt intake....and know that you're normal! :o)


BRW - February 23

I had on when I went to my first prenatal checkup. I was terrified I was going to loose my baby because of it. The dr. prescribed a medicine and it went away but I have read in a lot of books that you are more proned to them when pregnant. I am not so worried anymore but I hope it doesn't come back .


nrsegurl - February 27

I got my first one ever during my first trimester. My doc said it was because your pH and everything changes down there when you are pregnant making you more prone. I used monistat...his nurse told me not to use the suppositories but he said I could and it went away. He said to take a shower at night and keep everything clean...I have not had another one and I am 29 weeks.



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