Yeast Infection 2 Nights Of Supp In Mega Pain

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In Pain - May 4

I am about to take my third suppository tonight and my yeast infection seems worse than before I started. I am in so much pain, I want to cry. The itching is unbearable. I am 6 weeks pregnant and I went to the doctor two days ago. Should I go back to the doctor or just start another course of suppositories? I can't believe I am going to admit this but I have resorted to using an ice cube for relief. (internally) My doctor (PA -the doctor is on vacation) said to stay away from anything warm. (Bath, heating pad, & etc.) Does anyone have any advice? Please help.


A - May 4

This is going to sound really weird probably but it helps me everytime I have an infection..everytime yo go to the bathroom...while you are sitting on the toilet take a cup of cool water and pour it on you all over down there..its not messy obviously because water goes right into the that to get good and cool then PAT dont rub dry with a clean towel...i also out on a clean patiliner everytime i use the restroom when i have an infection...the liner and the water really do help.


In Pain - May 4

Thank you, thank you! I will definately try that, I am desperate.


Jbear - May 5

They sell combo kits, with the suppositories and also a cream that you can use on the itchy external regions. I always use diaper wipes to clean myself when I have a yeast infection, it seems to stop the itching for a while. My sister says what helps her is to lie down in front of a fan with no pants on, and let the fan air dry everything. How I treat yeast infections when I'm not pregnant is an iodine douche, but any douche is unsafe when you're pregnant. (Not to gross you out, but if your husband still has a foreskin, he may need to use a yeast cream on his p___s)


In Pain - May 5

Thanks Jbear, does anyone know how long a yeast infection can last? Treated or Untreated?


Jbear - May 5

My sister had one every other week while she was in college. We read that eating yougurt with active cultures would help prevent them. The longest I've ever had one last was four days, with treatment, I've never let one go untreated. I've only had one yeast infection while pregnant, and it was the worst ever! It looked like cottage cheese. I used the one day treatment but it took a couple of days for the symptoms to go away.


CEM - May 7

hi In Pain! i really feel for you, as i too have suffered from terrible yeast infections while pregnant. what really helped me every time was a combination of things: 1) wiping down well before bedtime and sleeping without any underwear on (2) eating lots and lots of cultured yoghurt, as well as applying it to yourself down there - inside too- sounds weird i know, but it feels SOOOO good, cold and very soothing (3) the suppository thing, give it a couple of days to kick in (4) avoiding any kind of soap or other products while bathing. i hope you can find relief, because i know what you are going through. just try to be will go away. i think the most important thing is to wipe often with plain water and try to go without undies as often as you can. i wish you luck!


Melissa - May 7

Is it common to get yeast infections while pregnant? I have noticed more than normal discharge, but no itching. Should I tell my doctor about it or not worry. I am now 20 weeks.


To Melissa - May 8

Tell your doctor. He/She can do a quick test to determine if it is anything that needs to be treated.


Maryann - May 10

I am 16 weeks pregnant and have reoccuring yeast infection for years before and during my pregnancy... I have recently came across a aromatherapy remedy by Maggie Tisserand (UK), she was having reoccuring yeast infection too and cured herself by using a douche with 1L of pure water with the following essential oils - 2 drops of rose, 4 drops of lavender and 2 drops of bergamot. Shake them well and she douched twice a day for 30 days and then once a day for another 30 days. I see many doctor opposing against douching but I believe it can be useful as a treatment (as long as we do not rely on it in the long term)... just like with any suppository which can be as problematic if we keep using the medication on and on ... But since I'm now pregnant and can't use a douche, I use the same blend but mix with sweet almond oil instead and applied the oil to the outer and uses a mini tampon wet with the same oil blend at night... I m feeling a bit better now after one week...



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