10 11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Question

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Alycia - October 13

I'll be having an ultrasound tomorrow at 10w4d. Will it be transva___al or transabdominal? I want to know how to prepare my poor, squeamish husband. Thanks!


Alex - October 13

It should be transv____al. Tell him not to worry, it's real easy. I just had one. Good luck!


Melissa - October 13

Probably transv____al. He shouldn't worry, you'll probably have a sheet type piece of paper covering you up a bit and your husband does not have to stand by your v____a! Also, if he is squeamish with this, how will he be in the room when you give birth?


Alycia - October 13

Melissa - I'm not sure how he'll handle birth! He's very supportive, but he doesn't handle the idea of these things very well. Actually, I really believe he'll do better than he expects... and I've told him he doesn't have to be "down there" during any procedures or even during birth. I expect to need him up by my head more anyway!


sparkles - October 13

I just had both done today. You are supposed to have your lower half covered by a sheet for comfort. If they don't offer a sheet, then request one and I'm sure they will give one to you.


Alycia - October 14

Just so everybody knows, I wound up getting a transabdominal ultrasound. The baby is so cute!


Alex - October 14

could you see it very well transabdominally? I heard transv____al is much more clear at this stage.


Alycia - October 14

Alex - We got a pretty clear picture, I think. We can see the baby's little arms and legs sticking up and a faint outline of the placenta. They didn't tell me to come in with a full bladder, but I did anyway just in case. I'm not sure if it helped or not.


Tess - October 18

Hi Alycia! It would all depend on the person during the ultrasound. If he/she could not find the heartbeat of your baby you would end up on doing v____al ultrasound and the baby is cooperating then a regular ultrasound would be done. Don't be scared! My hubby was w/ me too on my 1st ultrasound and they did both on me on my 6 wks 3days. We saw our baby's heartbeat but we couldnt hear it yet. Hopefully with my next appt. on Nov9 we would hear our precious little angels heartbeat. :P Good Luck!


Monique - October 20

Alycia, that's so interesting to me. I had u/s at 7w and on Monday 11w1d and BOTH were transv____al. I wonder why? Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.....



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