10 Week Tummy Uterus Size

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electronicandy - April 19

Hi girls. I am 10 weeks and some days now, and for those of you who've been pregnant more than once, when should I start to feel that hard spot above my pubic bone? This is actually my second pregnancy, but I just don't remember, and I'm worried because my tummy is still very flat, and I don't feel that hard spot on my lower tummy yet. Is that okay? Thank You!


lynette - April 19

i would really like to know the answer to this. i am 8w1d and i have been feeling my stomach and i have noticed a small round bump... about size of a baseball. the problem is i dont know if that is a part of my body normally or if its my uterus, i never really inspected so much before!!! haha


Jen01 - April 19

I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and my stomach is nothing but bloated sometimes. I can't tell a thing!


18wbabynov - April 19

im 10 weeks... and i have noticed slight tenseness in my lower stomach, but no ball or showing or any of that... im still waiting on that!


squished - April 19

I'm 11w4d and I'm also feeling for that bump, but like Jen0, the only thing that I feel is bloated :)


electronicandy - April 20

Thanks :) Now I'm *more* paranoid because my symptoms have been fading all week. They just come and go! lol


Jen01 - April 20

I get nervous as well b/c I've had a misc. before and my symptoms have started to come and go. I've also heard from others on here that its normal to have them come and go. I woke up one morning with no tenderness at all after having sore b___sts for weeks and I had an appt that day. I cried all the way to the dr, but everything was fine. The next day they were sore again.


18wbabynov - April 20

you know, i think the science behind it has only to do with these d__n hormones. as far as ive been reading, they go in spurts... some days they will sky rocket, to keep up production, and thats when you wake up with b___bs killing you... and then other days the baby has enough, and needs no more hormones for that day...and then the b___bs are fine... really weird... but thats what ive read about it.


lynette - April 20

well maybe thats my bladder that im feeling in my stomach!! haha that would be so funny. i want to feel something so bad that i am making myself think it is!! hilarious. anyway i have my ultrasound tomorrow am so hopefully all is well. ill keep you posted.


squished - April 25

I'm 12w3d and just a couple of nights ago while laying in bed if I just faintly rubbed my hand back and forth right above my pubic bone I could feel the little hard ball...finally..I was getting worried. Sometimes I'm so bloated I can't feel anything :)


GraceRenee - April 26

I have a retroverted uterus and this is my third pregnancy. I too was worried because I thought I should be feeling something sooner than I was.. Well at around 13 weeks and 3 days suddenly it was there!


Perl - April 28

10 weeks today and still no bump. I have an extra 3 inches on my waist since week 1 and gained 5 pounds but I'm sure it's all the food I'm eating to keep from vomiting plus water retention & bloating.



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