10 Weeks

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stacy - April 19

I'm 10 weeks today and have had no morning sickness, or issues with food or smells. I'm extremely tired, but wondering if no morning sickness is okay?


RG - April 19

I was 10 weeks last friday (4/15) and I haven't had sickness yet. Just consider yourself lucky. Actually they say only 50% of women get ms. I have gotten a little nauseous when thinking about greasy food. YUCK!


Amy - April 19

You are so lucky you did not endure the weeks and weeks of all-day nausea and the aversion to foods and smells. Just count your blessings! I'm 11 weeks now and just last week those awful symptoms pretty much went away! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! :)


Kimber - April 19

Hi Stacy, I'm in my 9th week and have no symptoms whatsoever except for extreme fatigue. I had morning sickness with both my previous children though! Every pregnancy is different, I guess we just got lucky, huh?


Julia - April 19

I am almost 9 weeks and have had no sickness either. I feel pretty good. I've had some cramping, pains if I cough too much (which has been a lot lately) or sneeze! Hoping MS pa__ses me by again this time. I was not sick with my first either. Take care!


????? - April 19

i am almost nine weeks but i had some nausea earlier in my pregnancy and now it seems to have gone away for the most part. It's been four days and the only thing i've experienced is the urge to gag first thing in the morning, and i feel ill if i get hungry. Last week i could set my watch by it and between this time to this time in the morning and these hours in the evening i will feeling sick. What happened?? I am kind of scared now, because i was only 8 weeks 2 days when my morning sickness eased up and that seems early (first baby didn't lose m/s until 14 weeks). I still have all my other symptoms.


Renee - May 19

I have 2 kids, working on my third and I have never had morning sickness. I have 2 healthy children. It will not affect you in a poor way! Just be glad you are not sick!!!



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