10 Weeks Pregnant And All Of My Symptons

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Kay - February 16

Have gone . Is this normal for such an early stage. I do still feel abit quesy at food and if i eat something i dont particulary like but being really ill and sick has just disapperad. Dont get me wrong i couldnt wait until the sickness went but now it has i am scared that something is not right. I am not bleeding in any sort of way just worried that if symptons are going so soon is this something to worry about ? ? Please reply with any answer or if you are expericning the same thing ;)


Jackie R - February 16

Kay- I'm right around ten weeks myself and have very little nausea and my b___bs have even stop hurting for awhile. I just went to the doctor yesterday and had a u/s and there was my little bean, it grew a ton and it's heart beating away. I talked with my Dr about lossing symptoms and he said that this is when hormones are leveling off and they should start to lessen. So try to relax you are not a freak. I'm sure all is well with you and your baby. If you still are concerned call your doctor and see if they can get you in sooner. But I'm sure all is well.


Rachel* - February 16

I'm at 9 weeks and I am looking forward to my nausea going away. I am incredibly exhausted too. Did that go away for you too? I am really looking forward to having some energy again.


Lucky1 - February 16

Hi Kay, My Doctor told me that at 10weeks the symptoms should begin to taper off because your hormone levels have already peaked.. Most of the early symptoms should go away.... Hope that helps...I am 10w3d and I finally feel normal again..Enjoy it!


Kay - February 17

Thank you so much girls , it feels like a whole wieght of my shoulders. But reading through some of the posts i am not alone! Yes rachel i am still exhausted but i love sleep so i cant complain ;)


JM - February 17

I remember mine tapering off with my first pregnancy around 11 weeks and then I started feeling great! I am sure you are fine!


Maleficent - February 17

i'm 11 weeks and finally feeling human again. it's great! enjoy it!


teresa - February 17

ill be 12 weeks tomorrow and as of now i dont get sick as much, i can't have an empty stomach or i start puking and im still tired but i do feel better too!


jen d. - February 17

i am so thankful to hear that others are feeling better too! i'm 11 weeks and didn't know how much longer i was going to have to deal with the awful "all day sickness." but the last couple of days, my symptoms have lessened...significantly! i don't feel sick all the time, i have more energy, and my b___bs are not sore! and, i have started to show! most of all, my worries are subsiding...I'm really looking forward to all that's left to come!


lyn - February 17

I haven't had any symptoms...well I have to go to the bathroom quite a bit, but that is it.


Heather - February 17

symptoms will come and go! trust me i started to feel so much better and i worried but yesterday i had an ultrasound show a healthy and very active baby.


deb - February 18

Actually I have talked to several people who have kids and they say that each person is different. Some women won't get any symptoms and some keep them the whole pregnancy. I wouldn't worry unless you start cramping or spotting then call your doc asap. I haven't had to many symptoms myself mostly just tired and sore b___sts. I haven't been sick except for a wave of quesiness occasionally. I don't think you have to worry.


Laurie - February 19

I'm relieved too that you all are saying your symptoms went away. I was getting worried because I had a virus the last few days and have been very sick. I thought maybe something happened to the baby. I'm just about 10 wks. However I got on the scale and am 1 lb less than I was before I got pregnant. That kind of worried me too! Anybody else that hasn't gained?


kari - March 1

haha - i'm 10 weeks also and went through that exact same worry last week. All the symptoms just sort of...disappeared. I was glad of course, but then I started to worry since I thought they usually went away closer to 12 weeks. I also heard from my friends that when this happened to them, they miscarried. But they were around 8 weeks. Anyway, stressed me out and i ran to the doctor. There was the heartbeat! No problem.


Wendy - March 1

My symptons come and go, some days feel yuk others feel OK no tender b___sts no nausea nothing.. then WAM the next day they are back.. I would worry to much about it..


citrouille - March 2

hi everyone, ok so most people's symptoms go away around 10 weeks but mine feel like they've gotten worse! I feel much sicker now than before.. within the past week it has gotten worse. I'm wondering if this is jet lag and fatigue because I just travelled to Canada and back from France... don't know what to think about this.


deb - March 2

I am 10w4d and my symptoms started tapering off last week except for being tired but I have the low iron issue we are trying to deal with so that's part of my being tired. Anyway, I do feel like myself I even got worried because I really don't feel pregnant. Of course, doc says everything looks normal so I'm happy with that.



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