10 Weeks Pregnant And Bleeding

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worried - December 9

Hi I'm new. Today I turned 11 weeks pregnant but about 5-6 days ago I started having a brown spotting in my normal pregnancy discharge. Then it got pink and become spotting frequent. Yesterday I had to use a pad. Each day the bleeding is increasing. I feel like I'm on my period with camping and back pain. The cramping is nothing more than a period cramp. I have seen the doc and I was told not to worry unless I bleed more than my period, having sharp pain and getting blood clot. I'm worried, that this is might going to be a miscarriage. After I got pregnant I missed my first period in November and this month I'm bleeding. Did this happen to anyone else? Other then that I'm not sick at all, no morning sickness since day one, sometimes I question if I'm really pregnant. Please help! I'm so scared!


libby - December 9

First of all please take comfort in the fact that some women bleed off and on thru there entire pregnancy and you very well could be one of them. If your this concerned call your doctor back and make an appointment for today. You probably won't get an ultra sound today but they can easily look for the babys heart beat which they should be able to hear by know. I did some small spotting during my first pregnancy...never had to use a pad thou. The rest of this info may be to upsetting for you to hear so it your feling fragile don't read any further.Your situation sounds very similar to my close girlfriend and it only happened last week. She was about 11 weeks with her first pregnancy and everything was going great. No morning sickness or anything she felt like a rock star. About 2 weeks ago she started to experience some lite spotting on the toilet paper when she wiped. SHe called her doctor and he a__sured her that everything was fine. A few days later she began feling little cramps hear and there, again her doctor said it was no big deal. Then last friday the cramps became bad and the bleeding started to increase. She called her doctor who set her up with an appointment and ultra sound for the fallowing day. That night her symptoms increased 3 fold and she could barely walk to the phone to call and ambulance. At the hospital they diagnosed her with a placenta previa which in when the placenta forms over the cervics and she was loosing the baby and contracting. The contractings were causing her cervix to open and as it did the placents was riping appart causing her to hemorrage badly. My point to this information is that if you feel liek something major is going on then call your doctor now and insist to be seen. My girlfriend would have bled to death had she not called and ambluance so listen to what your body is telling you...not your doctor.


worried - December 9

Thank you for your reply and your information Libby. I'm sorry to hear what had happen to your friend it's sad and I hope she is doing all right. This is my second pregnancy and I hope this is nothing more than a period bleeding. My cramps are off and on. My hips are hurting here and there with the cramps as well. Sitting is uncomfortable. I will keep close eye on it. So far no blood cloths. The bleeding is kind the watery like. If the bleeding and the cramping is increasing by tomorrow morning I will go to the hospital. I'm not sure if they would do any ultrasound on the weekends, but all I know I'm scared to lose this baby. We are looking forward having a second child. I hope things will turn out ok.


cindy - December 12

worried; i don't mean to scare you either but the same thing happened to me but a bit earlier. i was 7 weeks pg and i started spotting just a little bit and fortunately the day i started spotting my dr got me in for a scan. i saw a heartbeat and all looked well. i continued to spot off and on for the next 2 weeks and then on a friday aft/evening i started to have a back ache and went to the hospital on sat morning had an ultrasound and found out my baby had died the day before when i had the bad back ache. i never had more than a bit of spotting. If you can, try to get in to see your dr and get a scan to see if all is ok. i very much hope things are ok and what happend to me doesn't happen to you. on a good note i am 7 weeks pg again 3 months after i lost my baby and i have my first scan this evening. no spotting so far and i'm hoping for the best this time. all the best to you.


worried - December 13

Thank you for your reply Cindy and i'm sorry for your loss I know how you feel, because things didn't end good. On Friday when I posted my first message things got worst. I went to see my doctor and she told me I am losing my baby and the survival is 10% for my baby. Friday afternoon the bleeding increased and so did the cramping. By late night I was cramping every 5 minutes. On Friday Night from 11:00pm to 2 am Saturday the cramps became so constant I was on pain medication to ease the pain. Then I went to the wash room I seen that things were coming out and after that the pain was started to ease up faster. Then I knew my baby was gone. I have been in tears and in bed for 3 days and when I think about it still breaks my heart. I was still hoping that someone says the baby is OK, but I know it's not. I had an ultrasound yesterday and I know the result tomorrow. I called my friend on Saturday because my husband insisted to talk to my friend about it but I felt that I wasn't ready. So I eventually called her up but all I've got is "You worry to much! I hope your son doesn't see you when you crying!" She upset me even more. I guess I never thought it could happen to me, but it did. I felt like I was having a baby except there was none. Everything has a reason and I hope I will understand it soon. Thank you for your comments and motional support.


to worried - December 13

I'm sooooo sooo sorry. i know exactly how you feel. and it does take a while to feel better again. i know weeks after for me i would still cry about it. Do you know if everything has come out? Hopefully you won't have to have a D and C. oh i feel really bad. i know exaclty what you are going thru and its not fun. you can't even describe it to someone who hasn't gone thru it and people who haven't gone thru it can't truely understand. i ran into that all the time when it happend to me. especially my family. i know they were tryign to help but they weren't at all. i know for me the only thing that i could think about that could make me feel better was to be able to get pg again. are you feeling that at all. i don't know if you want to hear this yet or not but i was told you only have to wait one cycle before you can start trying again and your risk for m/c the second time is NOT increased and you are more fertile right after a m/c so it is likely that if you are ready to try again soon you will get pg again and all will be fine. if you have any questions at all i will keep checking back or you can e-mail me at [email protected] also in case you are wondering they say that you get your period 4-6 weeks after a m/c. i don't know if you want to know any of this stuff all i know is that i wanted to know really bad what to expect and when i could conceive again. it took me 7 weeks to get my cycle again and i got pg that first cycle so i'm sure if that is what you want that it will happen for you too that soon. again i'm so sorry for you loss and please feel free to e-mail me if you want. take care of you right now, thats the most important.



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