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TwyPGn - April 24

Hello, I am 10 weeks pregnant, and have been quite stressed out and crying almost 2-3 hours everyday because of domestic problems. So I am having one small meal a day for past few days because of stress (even though I felt hungry). Now I am not feeling hungry at all, where as before I felt hungry all the time and ate a lot. I had a miscarriage from my first pregnancy. In that I stopped feeling hungry at the end of my first trimester. Is the baby alright and still alive? Should I worry and consult my OB/GYN asap? Thanks!


chelseaholley - April 24

im so sorry that you are feeling so stressed out right now. i dont think that eating one meal a day is harmful, i think that a lot of us are battling with morning sickness and hardly keeping anything down. i would try to keep up on prenatal vitamins and try your best to keep away from the stress. stress can do horrible things to a body and can be linked to higher miscarriage risk. if i were you i would go and see a doctor because she might put your mind at ease and you can stress less. i wish you the very best and hope that what ever you are going through works out well. good luck twypgn!


Preety - April 27

Hi, you don't worry but have some multi vitamins, once in a day. Even I am not able to eat anything due to nausea. whenever I saw food I feel nausea. I am also eating too less. I wish you will come out of stress soon. Be happy n gud luck. Take Care.


MyLifeNotYours - April 27

Eating one meal a day isn't healthly pregnant or not, but if your not hungry your body won't want to eat anything so that's understandable. However if you are in a domestic violence relationship you need to lose the loser. You don't need stress in your life especially from someone that's abusing you. They have 1-800 numbers you can call. There's welfare,wic checks,food stamps. There's a lot of help out there. If you want s_x there's vibrators of all kinds & all sized. Women don't need men these days especially an abuser. I'm sure you are a beautiful woman with many quality. Don't do this to your self. I'm very consern for your safety. You need to find help. Please!!!



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