10 Weeks Pregnant Spotting Brown Blood

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Hi, I am 27 years old prego with 1st. I spotted brown blood for the first time about 2 weeks ago. I went to the emergency room and they stated that the baby was fine at the time I was 8 weeks and 2 days. The heartbeat was at 165 . Today I began spotting brown blood again. I soooooooooooo scared and confused. I got pregnant on iui and clomid due to my problem with PCOS. Anyone who is going through the same thing please share with me. Thanks in advance.


AppleCake - May 11

I had an ultrasound at 9 wks and they saw a large area of haemorhage (sp?). They weren't too worried, said it could be implantation bleeding. Anyway, when I went back out to wait for my notes, I felt a huge gush of wet- and I was sitting in a puddle of blood. It was officially termed as a threatened miscarriage- but my cervix stayed shut the whole time. 10 days later baby was still there and ok so they decided it was just the blood they had seen coming away from the poking and prodding of the scan. They said I may see spotting if any more came away, but as long as it was BROWN not RED it was ok, as this meant it was old blood. I did have a couple of brown smudges, but everything was fine. A scan at 22 weeks revealed all the blood had either come out or been re-absorbed. I was told it was really common. I hope this puts your mind at ease a bit X.



Thanks for your respnse. So you are now 22 weeks great. I have been going to the doctor every week afraid something is going to happen. I'm worrying all my family members everytime something happens. Sometimes I begin telling my self that If I'm going to miscarry it will happen whether I like it or not. I have no cramping or back pain but, I still worry alot. I was told at my last appointment with the spotting that I couldn't have s_x, which was fine. I also using progesterone suppositories. I have been using them since I was 6 weeks. My HCG levels were always great never a concern. This is my very 1st pregnancy and I never had an abortion or miscarriage. I been trying for over 4 years and was finally successful. I don't even know how to be happy about the pregnancy because I am so scared.


JAI - May 11

Hi There... I have PCOS as well also used clomid....spotted brown from week 7 to 9, was scrared to death....Guess what, today my gorgeous son is just over 6 months old.....You will be fine and give birth to a healthy baby I am sure of it. Isn't being pregnant stressful with all the worrying, but it is SO worth it, Good Luck!


ElizabethAnn - May 11

hiya! Just wanted to share that i had spotting Pink and brown from week 8 to about week 9 1/2, i was super scare and went to my doc, she said everything was fine and not to worry. I think its more common than peeople think, but always check with your doctor!!!! Happy Pregnancy and Congratulations to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


srigles - May 12

Hi everyone.... I'm 30 years old & pg with my 1st. I had brown spotting at 8 weeks for two days, and then had a little bit yesterday as well. I'm now 10w4d. I find I'm obsessing about every little thing, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one having the same symptoms! Congrats to everyone! Good luck!



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