10 Weeks Should I Sleep On My Stomach

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$$$ - April 6

I am 10 weeks now and Question is should I sleep on my stomach? I am so uncomfortable to sleep on side as well on my back... Please advice… Would it hurt my baby?


Misty - April 6

I could be wrongg but I don't think it really matters how you sleep at this point in the game. I do know that later on you are not supposed to lay on your back because the wieght of the baby pushes down on something and does something (lol, very medical sounding aren't I ) I also doubt that you should lay on your belly later either (way later, like when you are starting to show) although I have never heard a reason why it is definatly uncomfortable at that point. But you are fine now. I am 12 weeks and I sleep on my stomach all the time. Did it with my first pregnancy as well until I got too big.


tiffani - April 6

I sleep on my stomach until it feels uncomfortable. Don't worry, you're not doing any harm to your baby, no matter how you sleep. Wait until you're about 6 months pregnant and you accidently lay on your stomach, talk about about a wierd feeling. Sleep on your stomach now while you can, soon enough you'll be forced to sleep on your side/back. I'm a stomach sleeper too, so I know how uncomfortable it is to sleep any other way. I got a body pillow and curled up with it, and it made all the difference. You can ALMOST lay on your stomach if you put the pillow under your belly. A side note, laying on your left side is the best for your baby because it allows optimal blood flow from the placenta to the baby. Sweet dreams. :o)


Angel - April 7

Misty-u are right, once u start showing and are further along, if u lay on ur back it stops the blood flow to the baby and won't be confortable for mommy either! I am only 6wks tomorrow, however i am really starting to show..like 8wks. I looked at a belly gallery online and found a womans belly who is 8wks and that looks like me! maybe twins?!


Misty - April 7

You maybe are going to have twins if you are showing already at eight weeks. But I guess it also depends on how many kids you have. It seems that the more kids you have the sooner you show with each progressive pregnancy. This will be my second so I am wondering when I will start to show. I also weigh like 15 pounds more then I did with the first pregnancy though. I am sure that will affect it somehow.


$$$ - April 8

Thank you ladies: It's really helped me a lot! I am started to showing but still its hard to sleep on my Stomac…



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