10wks Today 10 21 05

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Tess - October 21

Anybody else on the same boat?!?! How's morning sickness? Do you still feel nauseated? Tired? Moody? So, far I think I've over come my morning sickness but I cant be so sure yet....hehehe Anybody wanna share?


Ann - October 22

Hi Tess, I am just entering my ten weeks now. I started feeling better yesterday, and I actually stayed up until 9:30 last night!! Bbs are still very sore. But I woke up last night and had the weirdest feeling that I was starting to feel more like me(not nauseated all the time). This morning I am a little queasy. It's still early so we'll see. I read that symptoms peak from eight to ten weeks. So maybe we are on the downslide! In one sense I am so grateful for the reprieve, but in another, I always felt secure when I was feeling lousy. How do you feel now?


natalie - October 22

I'm now 10 weeks as well. I was very ill this week but this morning was the first time I didn't get sick. When I brush my teeth I gag but it was controllable. I'm hoping next week will be even better. I have my first doc appt on thursday. I simply want that bad taste in my mouth to go away! I can't say I'm moody but yes I'm very lazy these days.


maya - October 23

hi! started my 11th week on saturday the 22nd. The sick feeling comes and goes.. today I have been feeling nauseaus all day. fortunately I dont throw up. I cried for about an hour last night.. so .. yes I am moody. ha! saw the doctor on friday.. baby was moving around alot. looked like he was feeling better than me. the bad taste in the mouth is horrible though. nothing tastes good anymore.


Tiffany - October 23

Hi I am 10 weeks today. Maya I also have that bad taste in my mouth. I get sick but not as much as i did earlier on. So far i am really enjoying being pregnant!


Tess - October 24

Hi Ladies!!! Thanks for all your replies. :P Im feeling alot better now...w/ nausea, sore b___bs and eating. It was last night when I felt I have the mood for eating again.....So Im thinking my morning sickness is goin away. I won't be seeing my OB til the 9th of Nov (can't wait) Im super excited w/ pregnancy too. Good Luck Ladies!



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