11 Week Belly

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Danielle - November 7

Can someone tell me what an 11 week belly feels like? I mean is it soft to the touch or should it be hard. Should one even really be showing. i was 5'5" 127 pre-preg. In pretty good shape. This is my first pregnancy and just a little curious...


mama-beans - November 7

with my first, I was just where you are when I got pregnant. I didn't really have anything to show till I was around 16 weeks. I did bloat early on, and it was squishy-ish.. but a true baby belly is pretty firm.


Tess - November 7

This is my 1st pregnancy too and honestly I dont think Im showing yet. I'll be 13 wks this friday 11/11. I think it all depends on your built and some women are different specially if its their 1st pregnancy. Thanks!


stef - November 8

I'm not quite 11 weeks yet. i'm 10.5 weeks. this is my first. I'm a pretty small person only 5,1". I am showing just alittle. But i can still fit into all of my clothes. I do believe its depends on your body structure before your prego. Theres a girl at my work thats 17weeks and looks the same as me! Just showing alittle.


danielle - November 8

I didn't think that I would be showing by now. I was just a little interested in the way that the stomach felt to the touch.


Shannon - November 9

See I am the opposite. This is my first and I started showing within weeks of finding out. I am now 12 weeks and my belly is a pregnant round little belly, its hard to push on and even below in the pelvic region (like where your hair starts) I am puffy. I can only fit in 5 of my pairs of pants, and I find it easier just to wear tight shirts and look pregnant, rather than trying to hide it. I started off at 140lbs 5'3'' and I am around 150lbs now. I was not fat at all just curvy. Its all different for everyone. I thought I was just bloating, but its not, its getting bigger now and its hard.


jackie boo - November 9

im pregnant with my 5rth child, with 12 yrs. in between, im 8 to 9 weeks and boy am i showing already...i dont know if its because im soo happy to be pregnant but im glad im showing.



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