11 Weeks

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Meredith - March 8

I am 11 weeks pregnant. At 10 weeks and 5 days I went to the doctor and had a u/s. We saw the heart beat and the baby was very active. My doctor said the u/s looked great. We asked the Dr. if we could tell people and she said yes. We've told everyone and we're very excited. Do you guys think we should of waited until my 14 week visit to tell everyone? What is the risk of m/s after you see the heartbeat? I'm trying to be very positive and I really think everything will be o.k. But this is my first and I can't help being a bit nervous.


Sarah - March 9

I think you should tell people when you feel comfortable telling them. All my close family members knew the day we found out. I'm nearly 15 weeks and had an u/s at 6 weeks and there was a heartbeat. As long as there is no severe cramping or bleeding things should be ok besides you are nearly 3 months so nearly out of the 'danger' period. Good Luck! and enjoy telling people


Meredith - March 9

Thanks Sarah you're right and I think the important thing is hearing the heartbeat. I need to try to relax and enjoy pregnancy. Good luck to you too!


Laura - May 10

From what I understand, with a single baby, once a heartbeat has been seen after 8 weeks or so, and at a good, constant rate, and the embryo's crown-rump-length is within normal limits for its age, the risk is considerably less. Though not out of the 'danger zone' completely, your risk is steadily lessening... and at this point the vast majority of the danger is past for developing congenital abnormalities- the major cause of miscarriage in the first trimester. Keep a positive att_tude- and know that should the unthinkable (and unlikely) happen, you have many supporters.


Lynn - May 10

I am 11 weeks today also. We told parents & family at 8 weeks & I just went at 10w2d & saw a good heartbeat & everything looked good so I told people too. I then worried "what if something happens now?". But then I figured, if it's going to happen, there is nothing I can do about it. It would happen at 12 weeks, or 14 weeks, or even 19 weeks. I know people that have gone in at 7 months & the baby had died. So the way I see it, there is always a risk of something happening throughout the whole pregnancy.


Monique - May 13

Hi everyone I'm 11 weeks 3days and I feel great!Im due Nov 28th.Well my husband and I were so excited about the pregnacy we told right away.I think I was like 5 weeks or something.This is a big blessing to use and our families.Both sides keeped asking when we were gonna have a baby.We have only been married 7 months and he is a marine and has been gone about 4 of those months but we managed to make a baby.At first I was very nervous about miscarriage and my friends said it was bad luck to tell anyone before u showed, but we didn't care!It was a gift from God and no one was gonna take that joy away.And now I am doing Great just got over morning sickness, but still have a hard time sleeping.Missing my husband deeply because he id deployed and due back Sep 28, two months before I have the baby if everything goes right.Keep us in your prayers that he comes back safe to me!!!!



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