11 Weeks

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Misty - May 21

I just wanted to tell everyone that we've made it to eleven weeks... I am so excited to be getting so close to the second trimester! Good luck to all the other eleven weekers out there!! God bless!!


Amy - May 21

Good luck to you too Misty. I am 11w 2d today!!! Less than 3 weeks till we "officially" enter our second trimesters. Is this your first? It's my first and I'm SO excited and at the same time I'm extremely nervous. Hope things are going well with you and your little one.


Kimmy - May 22

I am 12 weeks today ! I keep heairng ppl say they cant wait to make it to the 12 week mark, so does this mean that i can finally relax, I have been so worried about miscarriage since i didn really have too many pregnancy symptoms besides sore b___sts.


Amy - May 22

Hi Kimmy. My doctor told me that the second trimester (and the beginning of the fourth month) don't start until you hit the 14 week mark. So I'm confused about why everyone says that the 12 week mark is so important. Anyone else know what the deal is? Does my doctor calculate things differently maybe?


Kimmy - May 22

Yea i just dont get why your 3rd month consists of 5 weeks ?!?! It's getting like this first trimester is never-ending .... i cant handle the anxiety anymore i just want to be safe and tell everyone already !!


Kate - May 23

Kimmy, I was 12 weeks yesterday and thought I could finally relax, but then I read that it's week 13 that chances of miscarriage reduces by 65%!!! We'll make it there eventually - this is never-ending!


Misty - May 23

I'm just happier as each week pa__ses by with no bad signs! I had an ultrasound and everything looks great! God Bless!!


Sandy - June 6

Amy the 12 weeks mark youre chance for a misscarriage drops by more then 65 persent.that is what is inportant to people.


Kimmy - June 7

Well everyone, I'm here a few days into my 14th week and i guess I should be moving over to the 2nd trimester boards !!


erica - June 7

Yes, Kimmy you should of moved 1 week ago at 13 weeks. Thats when you start your 4th month.


Dani - June 13

Hi, I'm 11 weeks today, YEAH!! I'm so excited. Can't wait to enter in to my 2nd trimester....how is everyone feeling?


Rosie - June 29

Dear 11 weekers...It's all expanding waistlines from here. Have you started telling the world yet. I want to, because I can't stop smiling.


KimberGour - July 1

Hi Ladies - today I also hit my 11 week mark - I am dying to tell the world but am doing my best to keep quite for 1 week & 3 days longer (until my next ultrasound) having a past miscarriage I just want to be sure everything is fine! My next appointment just can't come soon enough.


chin manjo - July 4

i have just clicked 11 weeks but i am experiencing some lower abdominal pains.what is wrong with me.do i still risk any ectopic pregnancy? thanks. imma. CAMEROON.



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