11 Weeks And Bored

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kelley32 - May 28

Don't get me wrong, I am sooo happy to be pg, but now that all the excitement of that BFP has worn off, I'm feeling a bit anxious to get on with things, especially to really start showing, instead of all this bloating, anyone else?


Kira_lynn - May 28

Hehe yeah i hate bloating! Im 11weeks tomorrow and i have my "Big U/s" so im terrified right now so i have no time to be bored.hehe. You had your u/s yet? I had bleeding early on and saw a sac at 5wks then a heartbeat at 8wk9d and hoping for a strong heartbeat tomorrow. I had a m/c in Feb. so i've been on pins and needles so far!


Kira_lynn - May 29

I had my u/s today!! Saw and heard baby's heartbeat at 187bpm. Baby measured 10w5d and im 10w6d so thats all good!


flower.momma - May 29

I know what you mean, I am starting to show now at 14 weeks, but I was depressed when my symptoms wore off around 11 weeks, and all I had was this hard little pooch, that made me look fat. I would see people that I knew, and the first words out of my mouth would be "I'm pregnant!!!" So they wouldn't think I was just puttin' on some comfy weight. Now that I'm showing a little bit more, it is nice, but I hated the time when I had no symptoms and just didn't feel preggers anymore.


kelley32 - May 29

Hi girls ... no, I have not had an u/s yet ... and won't until about 20 weeks or so (welcome to Canadian medicare system) haven't even heard the heartbeat yet, and don't have my first appt for another 3 weeks, I'll be 14 weeks then. I also had a m/c, so I have also been worried, but I'm feeling pretty good about things now, just looking forward to hearing the heartbeat especially. Kira_Lynn, congrats on u/s, I' so happy for you. Flower, I hear ya, I feel fat right now, too.


Steff - May 30

I am just about 10 weeks and I feel fat too. People are starting to tell me that I am starting to show. However, it just looks like I've been eating too many chocolate bars! ha ha ha. I have my first dr. appointment on Thursday and then I have an ultrasound on the 14th. Well It's for the IPS testing. I am looking forward to actually looking pregnant and not looking fat! kelly, I'm in Canada too (i think we've had this conversation) and it took me forever to get my first prenatal. Considering I foud out April 24th and I don't have my appointment until June 1st.... seemed like forever!!! Good luck to everyone! ((((HUGS))))


gsonap - May 31

I am in the same boat too. I am 6 weeks pregnant, I hardly have any symptoms and not showing obviously. In 2 weeks I have put on 5 lbs ;-( I am litterally waiting to show , that way ppl wont think I am just putting on weight.


sleeplessinseattle - May 31

I hear you kelley32! I am 9 weeks, and just plain bored. I really want to start showing...as I've been looking forward to this for soo long. Some days I'm not sure if it's the barbecue, or the baby. It's embarra__sing too, because the father will say: ooh look at your belly it's starting to show a little. Then the next morning the pooch is gone, because I think it was just food. LOL I have no symptoms, no morning sickness, and that even makes me worry a little.


guavajelly - June 11

I'm 13 weeks now and thought I was starting to show but in the morning the little poof goes away and I'm back at a flatter tummy. I realized it was just some major bloating. My sister told me I won't really start showing until after 20 weeks or so which seems so far away. Can't wait for that time.


kelley32 - June 12

Hey girls ... well, I'm 13 week now, and still bored, LOL ... but I am looking forward to my doc appt on June 20th, I think once I hear the heartbeat that I won't feel so bored anymore!! How is everyone else doing?


Kira_lynn - June 12

wow kelley32 it feels like an eternity. Yup 13weeks here to and went for 4th u/s today. First 2 for emergency, then one for dating/checking bleed, then today for ips screening. The baby didnt cooperate very well, the tech said "HE" was sleeping. We kept poking and jabbing and he finally turned. I was nervous, but she said babys have sleep patterns. She did say that she thinks its gonna be a boy tho!! No guarentees but it looks like one!!


kelley32 - June 12

Kira _Lynn, I think we are due on the same day ... Dec. 19th, is that possible? Congrats on your u/s ... I haven't even had one yet ... but oh well, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. I have a feeling mine is a boy too ... can't explain it, just a weird feeling, but definitely waiting for the birth to find out.



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