11 Weeks And Starting To Show

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JessC531 - January 11

I am 11 weeks 3 days pregnant. I have been very bloated for at least 5 weeks now, and have had a big stomach because of it. (My stomach is usually pretty flat.) I feel like my stomach is getting slightly bigger now though, and that the bulge is spreading to be a bit lower as well. Could I be starting to show already? It's very possible that I'm just crazy. LOL. I am tall but I'm also pretty thin. What do you think?


ChattyKathy - January 11

Could be. I would a__sume that lean people such as yourself would show a lot easier. I have the tiniest bump that only I notice already (ive been monitoring it by weekly pictures =) ) and I'm only almost 8 weeks... but its still mostly bloating. man, i cant wait until that disappears. Happy Baby Bump!


moescrilla - January 11

I'm just 6 weeks, but by the time the day is over with, I look like I'm 3 months....my stomach gets sooo bloated. Thank goodness for stretchy pants!!! lol


charee - January 11

I dont know but with my first i didnt really notice much for a while- but i remember my pants were tight around 2 months and i couldnt b___ton them- this time (2nd) im now 6 weeks and feel really bloated, but the small amount of belly fat i do have i think makes it worse- because when i get bloated it makes the fat stick out and i look just really fat... agh... good luck but at 11 weeks i bet you look beautiful!!! =) only 29 left to go!


Kime - January 12

You could be showing. I have been showing since around 10 weeks but im very small. Barely 5'2 and 102 lbs. Now im 15 weeks and my stomach is perfectly round, my Dr. actually thought i was a month more than i am. Alot of it will be gas though, but at 11 weeks your baby and uterus are a nice little size so if your skinny then you could be showing that early. Also i started to wear maternity shirts at 13 weeks b/c they are much more comfortable and make you look pregnant. When i would just wear my regular shirts everyone thought i had gained about 25 lbs. Yikes!!!!



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