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Dani - June 13

Hi, anyone that is 11 weeks our right around this time? How are you feeling? I'm 11 weeks today and feeling good so far.....


Gina - June 14

Hey Dani, I know we are due around the same time. My m/s is getting much better. 6 days until today no nausea. My tummy is huge. My uterus is huge. Are you showing? How many kids do you have?


patience - June 14

Hey there - 11 weeks tomorrow! feeling good - tummy is def growing and I can feel the bulge! due date is 1/4 - go back to dr this Thursday!


dani - June 14

Gina, yes, I am showing. Some ppl have said I look like I'm 4 mo. preggo already. Definitly not fitting into my regular clothes, and haven't been for about a month or so.... haha. This is my first child. Is this your first too?? Patience, let me know how your dr's appt. goes....would love to hear back from you.....good luck!!!


Gina - June 14

5th baby. First ultrasound and CVS on Friday. Excited to find out what s_x the baby is and of course if it is healthy.


dani - June 14

Gina, just curious....why a cvs test? Let me know how your appt. goes?


Natalie - June 14

Hi Dani I am due 1/7 and I feel ok today but heck tomorrow will prolly be another story. This lil B-B is a bit picky when it comes to what I eat. My first child now 19 months was a breeze. But his lil bto or sis likes to remind me about every 30 minutes that he/she is down there. Bring it on J.D. # 2!! (thats big bros initials and going to be this ones too)


Gina - June 14

I am 38 and I just want to make sure everything is okay. I have a new man in my life and only want one more. I don't want to give him his only child with a disbility or disorder. It is not fair to him.


Jessica - June 14

I am 10 1/2 weeks pregnant.(due Jan 8th) I had to buy pants yesterday a size larger than normal cause I don't fit into my normal clothes. (I refuse to start buying maternity clothes yet) This is my first. I think the nausea is going away and so is the b___st tenderness but they are still bigger. I am still extremely tired all the time. In fact I am about to take my nap!


Tina - June 14

I'm due Jan 7th, and I've been in my maternity clothes for a few weeks now! This is my second and my belly popped out so fast! I'm feeling better for the most part. I still have bad days.


Tina - June 14

I've also noticed that my body temperature is all over the place. I go from hot to freezing so fast! Is this happening to anyone else?


Selena - June 15

11 weeks here also and I have been feeling terrible for the last month! I have extreme naseau that last all day and am exhausted but so far my clothes still fit and are a little big because I have lost 9lbs since conception. My husband has been very understanding and patient since this is our first pregnancy but i am feeling very useless at the moment. Being a housewife I do get the luxury of being able to nap when I need it but its still seems silly to vacuum and then need a nap or do laundry and then need a nap. For some reason my body just can't get it together so I am happily looking forward to my second trimester. I did get to have my first ultrasound on Friday(6/10) and the baby was very active. The technician had a hard time getting a picture with all of the movement.


TG - June 15

Hi everyone. I am in my 12th week and due on 01/01. Have had a few weeks of bad nausea but this week has been better. Looking forward to the second trimester. Got my 2nd appt with the doc on Monday. Anxious to hear the baby's heartbeat again! This is our first one and my dear hubby freaks out with the slightest of aahs from me;-) Can't fit in my clothes any more so bought a few clothes one size bigger! Want to wait to use maternity clothes. Good luck to everyone:)


Muneca - June 15

Im on my 11th weeks also and i've just been feeling really sick but this morning i actually vomited it was terrible i've also just been really tired and i dont do anythignall day i havent been feeling to well but eventually it goes away i heard by the 2nd trimester thats good to hear...its all worth it.


Jane - June 15

I am 11 weeks today and I don't feel pregnant, do you feel that way are you showing?


Patience - June 16

Just came back from the dr.....saw the little one, had a heartbeat of 150 bpm, and saw the head, spine, and little leg sticking up in the air - the baby jumped 4 times, as if to say hi! it was the most precious thing i have ever seen!


ashley - June 16

i am at 11 weeks. and i feel great, i haven't had any sickness or anything like that.



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