11 Weeks No Heartbeat

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hunnybunny - October 23

Hi all, saw OB this morning, but could not find a heart beat! I am 11 weeks today and tottally freaking out!!! OB is not concerned, said it may be to early and scheduled an US for Nov. 6th!!! Anyone else couldn't get a heart beat at 11 weeks??? Please let me know....


abi_77 - October 23

Same thing happened to me yesterday. No heart beat with doppler. I am 11 weeks also. I went for the ultrasound this morning and the tech refused to show me anything. I have a feeling it my baby is dead and that's why she didn't show me anything. You will have to unfortunately, wait for your ultrasound. I know it's extremely painful. But everyone says it not abnormal to find no heartbeat with a doppler at 11 weeks. Good luck to you.


Krissy25 - October 23

hunnybunny my ob could not find a heartbeat at 12 weeks and even had an awfully hard time finding the baby using the u/s but she was there, just hiding. I'm sure it's ok. Abi, i hope everything is ok with you and your baby. SOmetimes u/s techs are like that even when the news is fine. Will you be hearing from your doctor soon?


wv_red - October 23

Hunnybunny call your doctor and demand an earlier u/s or go to the hospital! There is no reason you should have to wait for something like that! That is crazy! I wish you all the best and will keep praying for you and your baby!


autumnsmommy - October 23

I didn't hear my dd's heartbeat using doppler until I was almost 13 weeks.


cynnababy - October 23

It is via doppler or u/s? 11 weeks is still very early for the doppler. Sometimes if your baby is hiding, or your placenta is in the way, the doppler can't pick up the heartbeat. I went into the emergency room when i was 11 weeks 3 days, and they can't find the baby's heartbeat on the doppler. But on the u/s it revealed a very active and bouncy baby with Heartrate of 168. Don't worry or panic yet!!


wv_red - October 24

Hunnybunny, how are you doing????


hunnybunny - October 24

wv_red thatnk you for your concern, I am doing OK. Though I am worried, my Dr is not. The only thing is they won't rush my US because they are swamped. Cynnababy the Dr was using a doppler. Thank you for your answers ladies.


sarah21 - October 24

My OB saw me at 13.5 weeks and she said not to be alarmed if we didn't hear the heartbeat. We did hear it loud and clear, but it is perfectly normal to not hear it for a little bit. I'm sure you'll hear it soon and it is incredible. It made me cry it was so beautiful.


krissy - October 25

hi! i am 13 weeks and had my last dr. appt. on tuesday. he could not pick of the baby's heart beat on doppler, but my ob has a portable ultra sound in office and we saw the baby was just fine and heart is beating. i am very surprised your ob doesnt have an ultra sound in office but yes i can understand your fear. if you want to hear the heart beat now go to the ER tell them you are having bad cramps and they will make sure your baby is fine. hope everything goes well!


RMC - October 26

Keep us updated hunnybunny. I just turned 10 weeks & heard the fetal h/b for the first time. I can't believe they can't get you an u/s any earlier.


Malica - October 27

My doctor couldn't find the heart beat at 12 weeks, mostly because I'm overweight. He would have brought me back in a couple of weeks later (instead of waiting until 16 weeks) had I not just had my 12 week ultrasound the day before and saw the heart beating. I know it's worrisome for you, but there's a reason that your doctor isn't worried. It's fairly normal to not be able to hear the baby's heart beat so early. Can you ask your doctor to try again in another week?


RMC - October 31

Hey hunnybunny - how are you doing?



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