11 Weeks Spotting And Little Pains In Tummy Help

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mustangcassie - June 8

I'm 11 weeks and the other day I awoke to see some blood on TP after a wee. On 2nd wipe, nothing was there. Have been having funny cramping, not the normal period like ones i've been having all along but a bit sharper. not excrutiating but noticable. I have had a couple of little spots in the 2 days since but only faint on tp, never on my underwear. Family friend is a midwife and she said it can be the placenta being nudged a bit as the uterus is expanding and moving up over my pelvic bone or one of many other normal thjings but must play the waiting game for a couple of weeks. She said no point going to dr or having u/s cos there is nothing you can do to stop a m/c and u/s might show healthy fetus then the next day, gone. I would like to know if any of you have experienced this and how did things work out for you? Is this normal? I need a little encouragement. Thanks.


mustangca__sie - June 8

I'm actually starting think the pains might be wind pains.... Have any of you had this?


Bilmes123 - June 8

I had the exact same thing at 11 weeks...but it started at 5 weeks and stoped at 12 weeks so far. It was like a little big here and a little bit there. But only when I whiped...I went to the emerg clinic and thats exactly what the doctor said that it could be fine one day then the next bam....I only got cramping when I really had to umm poop... lol but it wasn't painful. I am now 13 weeks and everything seems to be going fine. I'm growing really fast....its kind of noticeable.


G.G. - June 8

I don't want to scare you but I will explain what happened to me. I had a m/c at 11wks. It started as a spot on TP when I wiped. However, the bleeding did progress quickly. About 5 hours later, the blood was almost menstrual cycle amount. When I called my doc when the bleeding first started, he said bleeding is very common and not to worry unless the amount increases (it was a weekend so I couldn't go in). I am sure it is fine. Did you recently get a pap? That could cause spotting also.


mustangca__sie - June 9

I had a pap 1.5 wks ago. The morning the spotting was heaviest was after we had s_x. I'm pleased to say that the cramping and spotting has stopped almost completely, only brown now. the waiting game is what I hate. I hate that you have absolutely no control over anything. there is nothing you can do to help. It sucks! Thanks for replying.



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