11wks Pregnant Symptoms

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BAA - May 22

I'm 11wks pregnant today. I feel extremely bloated in the late afternoon and night. Then in the morning I feel better. Feel like I'm starting to show just a little. My clothes feel tighter. Heard the a heartbeat a 8wks and go back on Friday May27th for another u/s.Very nervous because I had a missed miscarrage about 5 months ago and this is my first. Wanted to know what others were feeling at 11wks? Thanks


Amy - May 22

Hi. I'm 11w 3d. Due December 8. I am extremely tired ALL the time and have been for the past month. I never really had morning sickness...I start getting really nauseous around 6 in the evening and unfortunetely it lasts all night. My cravings have kicked in BIG time, it seems like I'm always hungry/thirsty. I'm already starting to show, I actually have been for 2-3 weeks now. I had my first ultrasound at 9w 4d and the baby looked great. My next check-up is May 31 and I'll get to hear my little ones heartbeat again :) Hope you're doing well.


jessicalyn - May 22

If you've heard the heartbeat, don't worry...chances are you are fine.


jessicalyn - May 22

I'm also 11 wks, due 12/10. You can feel my uterus above my pubic bone. It's really starting to fill in. I rented a fetal doppler from www.dynamicdoppler.com I am EXTREMELY satisfied, and it turns out my OB has the same model!!


Kimmy - May 22

I'm 12 weeks today , due December 5th ! They say once you hit 12 weeks you can relax and not worry about miscarriage, but I dont know why that is because 'technically' we're not in the 2nd trimester yet. Anyway, I cant feel much above my pubic bone (probably because I am overweight), but I am beginning to show (to me anyway). I didnt sufer from much morning sickness thank God, However my b___sts and nipples are very sore. I am going for my 12 week scan on Wednesday and i'll let you all know hwo it goes than....babydust to all of you :)


M - May 23

11w/2d today. I'm tired and sick all morning long. The tiredness is starting to ease some. By six or seven o'clock I don't feel like doing anything. It's like it takes double the effort to even get up off the sofa! In the mornings after sleeping on my side my b___b is really sore! Other then that, my husband says they feel heavier but they aren't as tender as they were. Today, we saw our baby kicking and moving around on the ultrasound today and saw the heartbeat. It was wonderful!


Michelle - May 23

I am exactly 11 wks today as well!! When are you due? I am very tired all the time, my n/v is finally going away! I am not showing at all but I heard the heartbeat last thursday.


BAA - May 24

Thank you all for responding to my e-mail. Jessicalyn-I will look into renting the fetal doppler. I'm going for my doctor Friday and will have an u/s. I will let you ll know how it went. I just keep thinking positive that everything will be ok this time! Good luck to you all and KIT.


Melissa - May 25

Hi. I'm 10w 1d and due on Dec 20. I have been experiencing nausea almost everyday. I am usually a very active person, attending the gym daily...but have been too tired to do anything. My appet_te has increased majorly and I have gained 5 kilos the past month :0 I will be having an ultrasound in 2 weeks and can't wait!


Kate - May 25

Hi, I'm just over 12 weeks, due 4th Dec! Everything's been fine so far, no sickness at all!! Kimmy, how did your scan go?? I haven't had one yet and I won't get one til 20 weeks!


Kimmy - May 25

Kate - I got today at 1pm for my scan, I am so excited but I hate all the water you have to drink, and than hold for over an hour !! I will post as soon as I get home to let you all know what I seen :)


Kimmy - May 25



Kimmy - May 25

Well I am home from my ultrasound, and I am just over-the-moon with joy!! I got to see my little baby hopping around and kicking his little legs, and arms all over the place, It is such an amazing thing to see. They said there is a good strong heartbeat and everything is fine but still a little too early to determine the s_x. I will sleep a little better tonight :)


shira - May 26

melissa. hi i am exactly like you 10 weeks and 1 day. i was wondering how you are feeling, and if you show already?? I am not showing at all.....Where are you from?


melissa - May 26

Hi shira. Congratulations :) I'm 21 and from brisbane, australia. I have put on a little bit of weight and you can notice a tiny bump in my stomach. I have been a little nautious almost everyday...usually in the afternoons until just after i eat at night. Other than that, everything is going well. how about you? Is this your first?


Heidi - May 28

Hiya, I'm 11+1 today. Are you due on the 18th Dec BAA? Not experiencing any symptoms but didn't with my first either. Can't wait for the scan!


shira - June 2

Hi Melissa. This is my first. I am really excited, but most of the time nervous. You still can't see that i am pregnant, and i do get nauses everyonce in awhile, but i just never know what is going on inside my stomach. i has u/s next week, so i hope that it will show that everything is ok. I actually live if Israel, so we are really far from one another. But it is nice talking to someone who is at the same exact stage that i am. I wish you all the luck, and write back so i can hear how things are going for you.....



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