12 Weeks And Lower Back Pain Ay Advice

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KC - April 29

I am 12 weeks and for the last few days (on and off) I have been experiencing lower back pain. HAs this happened to anyone else? What is it? This is my first pregnancy so I am nervous about everything!!! I had an u/s at 11 weeks and saw the baby and heartbeat and the dr said everything looked perfect but I don't know why my back is bothering me. I sit all day at work but at weeks should this be a problem? I would love any advice.


TJ - April 29

KC, I have lower back problems as well. I am currently 10w and have had them for a while. My best advice is to get up and walk around often! You can use a slightly warm heat back at night, but not too hot! Check wit your dr. on that one. I sit at my desk all day too, but you need to get up and stretch/walk about twice an hour.


Lynn - April 29

I am 9 1/2 weeks and have been having back pain since about 8w6d.. I posted another thread & got a few women who had the same thing. Some said their docs told them it was ht euterus stretching & applying some pressure, a friend told me her doc said it was a muscle that goes along the lower back being stretched by the uterus. But everyone said it was normal. Kind freaked me out too.. we had an u/s at 8w2d and everything was right on target so we went ahead & told family about it.. sent out a huge e-mail to everyone and then 2 days later the back pain started. Mine comes & go, I notice it more in the morning & by afternoon it doesn't really bother me too much. I am havign it right now as a matter of fact & it certainly is uncomfortable. Everything I founf on the web said it was normal as long as there was no bleeding or spotting with it.


To Lynn - April 29

thank you so much for your response-It made me feel so much better- I was planning on telling everyone this week (family and close friends knew at 8 1/2 weeks) but now that I am 12 weeks I wanted to tell everyone and like you said of of asudden this awful back pain. Like you-it is not all day mine is mostly at night. When are you due? Again thank you so much for your answer! I feel neurotic with everything!


v - April 29

Hi Gals. I was just going to post the same question when I saw this one. By the end of the day my back is killing me too! I am 12wks 5days and everyone knows. My brother in law had a intuition that I might be and started telling everyone when I was only 10 wks. Needless to say we have a close family and it spread like wildfire. Congrats on everyone seeing their little one. I get to for the first time next friday


KC - April 29

Thanks for everyone's responses. My back just started bothering me again. I feel fine otherwise-I guess it gets aggravated from sitting so long. I have also been trying to sleep on my side (for the future) and it I fnd it SO uncomfortable! Anyone else?


Erika - April 29

I feel your pain! I am 11 weeks 4 days and miserable my lower back hurts and sleep is being to become a nightmare. I am a belly sleeper and have started to try and sleep on my side to what a nightmare. 7 pillows and my big b___t doesn't leave much room for my hubby! My doctor said that alot of my lower back pain could be from how I am sleeping and that I need to make sure that I keep my back straight when I lay down and try to support my belly with pillows and the pain should lesson Good luck!


sonia - April 29

Hi all. I have the same problem but in a different area, my right lower back. It hurts especially when I try to get up from sitting or laying down or turn in bed. I am 13 weeks and I've had this back pain since week 11. Any one else experience this? Thanks in advance.


Melanie - April 30

should I be concerned with this back pain. I am 12 weeks and for the last 5 days my lower back hurts when I get out of bed and walk around. I switched jobs a month ago and now I am sitting at a computer all day-could this affect my back? I use to have ajob where I was on my feet all day.


karin - April 30

i too have that pain-is it something I should be worried about-I am 11 weeks


Billie - April 30

KC, I'm about 11 weeks and 4 days, i get that weird back pain also, sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right.This pain dosen't last long and does seem to go away when i sit up correctly or stand up and walk a liittle bit.This is my first pregnancy, and my boyfriend said he dosen't think i'm enjoying it because i'm worrying about every little thing, but i can't help it because, i just want a happy, healthy baby!


Kat - May 11

I am 15 weeks, 1st baby, and i am having horrible back pain. I asked my mother for advice but she thought it was odd because i am only 18. But obviously age has nothing to do with this. My husband ma__sages my back almost every nite, but the slightest pressure on my back hurts me because i am so sore. Anyone else like this? I also put the pillow between my legs but when i wake up the pillow is usually on the ground. Any advice?



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