12 Weeks Can T Hear A Heartbeat

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stephanie - February 28

iam 12 weeks and my doctor couldn't find a heartbeat using a doppler, i am so dissapointed and worried as to why there is no heart beat, any one else had this problem?


Beth - February 28

Your dr. then did not do a u/s in return to be able to see the baby and the heart beat? At 12 weeks they should be able to see it during an u/s, I have heard people say it is sometimes hard to find with the doppler, but if he could not find it he should have done an u/s to see it and find it.


michelle - April 4

yes mine didn't hear at 12 weeks but by my next appt. they heard it


Stephanie - April 4

Hi Stephanie as I see we share the same name :o) My Dr. said that they cannot hear a heartbeat on bigger ppl until further in the pg. I am 5-4 and 117 so I'm pretty slim for being 28 anyways I wanted to hear the heartbeat after they did the 7 wk 6 day u/s but my Dr. told me that we would not be able to hear the heartbeat until at the least 10 weeks. I thought that was wierd bc I just saw the heart beating really fast and it was 187!! Thats a strong heartbeat. Anyways I finally got to hear it at my 11wk 6 day check-up and was satisfied. If this does'nt help then you might be happy to hear that it is common that not always can you hear the heartbeat bc our babies are still so small it could be that the baby is "hiding" or turned the wrong way.


charity - April 8

i am not sure how far along i am .mt last period was feb, 21 2005. i went to my doctor because i started spotting. i think i am about 3 to 4 weeks but im not sure she didnt hear a heartbeat and she told me it had died.but yet all my blood work come back very good. i could not even see baby on screen it was so little. she couldnt get heartbeat.can you hear heartbeat at 3 to 4 weeks pregnant?if not when can u 1st here it????


D - April 8

charity - that is very very early to see anything at all! I could barely see my baby at my 5w4d u/s! It is so so tiny... The heartbeat may not even show up for several weeks after that! We saw my babies heartbeat at 7w3d, but from what other ladies have said, I have been lucky - some of them have not seen a heartbeat until 8-10 weeks. I wish doctors wouldn't say things like that so early! I think it stresses moms out for not enough reason. I have never actually heard my babies heartbeat either, but we can see it beating on the ultrasound. I know its absolutely impossible, but please try not to take it all to heart yet... things may be just fine for you! I'm hoping they will be!


erica - April 18

Hello girls! I went to the dr at 9 week, no heart beat, went back at 11 weeks, no heart beat...seemed like a problem to me, doctor didnt say much sent me to an ultrasound asap! and there was the heart beat at 165! So dont stress over the no heart beat thing just yet! doctor says I have a tilted uterus and this makes it hard to find the baby! So hope this makes some one feel better :)


Monica - April 27

I am in the exact same boat Stephanie, and have been very worried. I am scheduled for an u/s tomorrow & have been nervous. However, in reading Erica's comments, I feel a whole lot better. Thanks Erica for your posting, you totally did make a difference.


Steph - April 27

I see there are 3 of us now. I went in at 10w6d and they could not hear the heartbeat with a doppler. My Dr. did go ahead and do the US and there was our little beauty with a strong heartbeat. She said it could have just been early and they will do it again at my next appt. at 14 weeks. She said that everybody is different.


Lynn - April 27

Yes, i have heard that it really depends on the position of the baby and of your uterus. My next appt I will be 10w2d & I am wondering if we will be able to hear it & if my midwife will even try to hear it. I went for u/s at 8w2d and heartbeat was 179... I wouldn't stress too much, although I know you can't help it, I'd be doing the same thing! Good luck & let us know how the u/s goes!


Nikki - May 2

I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and they saw a strong heartbeat. But, at 11 weeks, the Dr. could not hear the heartbeat with the dopler. Weird huh?He said not to worry and that we will try again. I do not go back for another couple of weeks, but I hope there is a change.


Kelly K - May 2

I was 12 weeks and my doc couldn't find the little one either. We went to ultrasound to make sure everything was still in place and it was. The problem was the baby was moving around too much. I was just now able to hear the heartbeat at 13.3 weeks (today) on doppler. I rented one for home use to help ease my mind.


Cecille - May 6

I'm so sad. I went to the doctor yesterday and she couldn't hear the heartbeat using a Doppler. I'm about 12-13weeks and I'm so worried. She told me not to worry and there was no need for an ultrasound since my uterus is growing. Has anyone had a similar experience?


kim j - May 6

You can normally hear it at 12 to 14 weeks on a doppler. If you have a t_tled uterus as I do, sometimes it is hard to find. I had a ultrasound at 9 weeks and heard the heartbeat but have not heard it on a doppler yet and I am 12 weeks aswell. Try not to worry!


Tara - September 7

I am 12-13 weeks and i went to the doctors yesterday. He could not hear the heartbeat with the dopler. He is sending me for an ultrasound next tuesday. This is going to be a very long week. It scares you alot but hopefully in the end everything will be ok.


Tara - September 7

I have a friend that is 17 weeks pregnant today at the doctors they searched with a doppler for half an hour and could not find the heartbeat. She is scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow. I was wondering if it could just be the position of the baby. Anyone heard of this? Im praying everything will turn out ok for her.


Tammy - September 8

I was in at 11 wks and they could not hear the HB, however, it was found upon doing the U/S and was 178 bpm. I am a little concerned though as normal range is 120-160 bpm and any info I found regarding a higher rate said it could be due to an infection, problems with the babies heart, medication the mom is taking or distress to the baby. I am sure that this can sometimes be a normal occurrence, but would appreciate a response from someone with any additional knowlegde about this.



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