12 Weeks Pregnant But Flattery Belly

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Natalie - August 11

Hi!... I'm 12 weeks pregnant today, first time being mom... but wondering when your belly starts popping out? Mine is very flat... but if I feel my uterus, it's quite firm and I can feel the baby is there. Any other moms are experiencing like me? please share... thanks :) due date: 2/23/06


Rosie - August 12

I am due 2/23/06 too! I am experiencing the same as you! Can't wait to start showing.......


Sarah - August 12

Hi, im due 2/20/06 and my belly is still relatively flat (especially in the morning). At night i look a little bigger but I think that might be bloating, not baby. But like both of you I can feel the firm uterus. Question-I just got an u/s 2 days ago but i only got to hear the heartbeat. I didnt get to see the baby nor was I told the bpm. Other ladies on here were talking about how they got to see the baby at 6 weeks. Is this normal? Congratulations to all!!


Kathy - August 12

I am 7w 5d and have a small pudge going on, I believe it is bloating right now but as you have said my belly is firm. http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/ Check there, you will see a wide variety of bellys toward the bottom in the photo gallery.


Natalie - August 12

wow... i feel much relieve now... knowing i'm not the only flat one.. hihi :) i shouldn't be worried much. yah.. i can't wait for my belly starts showing... To Sarah! .. i got to see my baby at 9 weeks... and saw the heart was beating. But didn't get a chance to hear the hb yet until next Thrus.. my second visit. You should be able to see the baby at your second visit.. Take care good :)


Linda - August 16

Hi! Yes, on my lower tummy, all the way to the right, my belly bumps up and feels firm. It's the same area where my baby was laying on the u/s!! Someone told me it's my uterus i'm feeling. I think if your tummy isn't too big, you can feel it better. I already have a daughter, but my belly was still a little flat, and i'm not showing yet either at 9 weeks. But i can feel that baby already!!


Gina - August 17

Hi! I'm due on 3/1/06 and my belly has really popped out! I went to buy maternity pants last night (after already borrowing my sister-in-law's clothes that were two sizes bigger than my original size and growing out of them in 2 weeks!) ... My belly seemed to pop out a lot in the past week! I've gone from a 4 to an 8 and now am on to maternity - I have to say its nice to be in pants that fit my legs and my belly! I also discovered Gap materinity has pants for when you are barely, or newly showing - they are GREAT! :) Happy popping!



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