12 Weeks Today Dr Appt Tomorrow

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lawlady72 - February 1

It's finally here!!!!! 12 weeks, I can't believe it. After tomorrow (if all goes well) I'll be telling my family this weekend. Oh girls keep those fingers crossed!!!!


margie - February 1

yay! congratulations! :) good luck with your appointment!


lawlady72 - February 1

thanks, very nervous and excited at the same time....


Katz - February 2

I just wanted to say good luck to you! How have you managed not to tell anyone??? I was 12 weeks yesterday! I can't believe how close we are in dates!


rachel1 - February 2

hi lawaldy hope your appt went well, let us know how you got on. katz how r u feeling, have you got another photo of your uptpdate belly. I went for my scan yesterday I was 13w 6 d. Today 14 weeks. It was amazing what we seen, you could see legs arms and even featurs on the face. I will try and put the pics on if i can figure out how to do it lol.


lawlady72 - February 5

The appt was great, 1st was OBGYN and heard a speedy little heartbeat and lots of muffles (doc said moving around a lot already). Then over to hospital for NT test and sono looked normal, tech had to asked me to cough to get baby to cooperate and when I did the baby threw it's hands up and wiggled!!! So funny, wonder if thats a look into my future? LOL. Anyhow told everyone on superbowl sunday except DD, she found out saturday. She has broncchitis so the reaction wasn't jumping up and down, but she was very happy and even asked if we could go shopping because she wanted to buy the baby a blanket and teddy bear.


CMAgrad07 - February 5

Aww thats so sweet!! Little kids are so cute with new borns when they want to hold them and help out with the bottles. Congrats!! When will you know the s_x of the baby??


lawlady72 - February 7

I should know in 4 weeks!!!!


kimberly - February 7

Congrats! So glad all looked good at your app.!


lawlady72 - February 7

thanks so much


flipthea - February 7

I don't know how u were able to keep it for so long! I told my family, and everyone right away....my husband and I were so excited. BTW, I'm also 12 weeks today and I went 2 my prenatal and all is well. :-) Heard the baby's heart beat again.


lawlady72 - February 8

After telling everyone right away last time and then mc, I just didn't have it in me to go through that again, so I waited and well YAY, so far so good.



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