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Kira_lynn - January 25

Well we're kinda inbetween boards. 1st trimest and 2nd. So i thought id start this one up. Um this is my first, sceduled csection (dont have a date til later tho), no spotting, nausea only lasted week7-week10. First u/s friday. From Canada. Would like a boy, but it doesnt matter really. So yeah...tell me a bit about urselves.


krc - January 25

why are you getting a c-section?


Been There - January 25

Hi, Kira_lynn. I'm with you. I have just started reading the second trimester posts, but I don't think I'm ready to leave first yet. I'm thinking I hav 1-2 more weeks to go between. I'm also scheduled, but with my third because my body didn't cooperate with my second child. I have two girls, so I'd like a boy also. KRC, you're supposed to tell about yourself first. Then you can ask the question about the c-section. So, Kira, why are you scheduling a c-section when this is your first child?


EricaG - January 25

hey! I totally understand what you're saying. I turned 12 weeks today and I tried to go to the second trimester forum and they all seem really far along! A little about me? Well, this is my first pregnancy and it was planned. I'm due August 10th. I've had morning sickness really bad for the past 6 or 7 weeks and lost 15 lbs so my doctor just put me on phenagren and it has helped soo much. I'm a little worried about it being a cla__s c drug though. I've also developed GERD during my pregnancy so I've been in a lot of discomfort. I heard my baby's heartbeat at 10 weeks. I won't have an ultrasound until 22 weeks though because I want to know if it's a boy or girl and my insurance only pays for one ultrasound, so that kind of sucks. I could really use some help getting re-excited about this baby because my severe nausea has made me depressed. so, anyway, I hope lots of people post in here because I kind of want to make friends with another pregnant woman. lol. NOBODY I know is pregnant and I'm so alone =P


punky_jen - January 26

hiya im jus 12 weeks aswell, had my 1st u/s last week, was cool. got a pic but it not vry good really, cant wait for my next scan and to go baby shopping!


skn331 - January 26

Hi, I am 13 weeks and I am having a scheduled c-section as well. I am due Aug. 3rd, and they are going to take the baby at 39 weeks, unless I go into labopr before hand. I hope I do go into labor before that because I am a little disappointed about not having a v____al birth. I feel like I am missing out on an important part of all of this! My c-section is scheduled because I had a bi-cornute uterus that was fixed by surgery 2 years ago and hard contractions could cause hemmorage along the scar tissue. 6 more weeks until I can find out the s_x! I have my next u/s on March 8th.


krc - January 26

I dont have to say anything. Im all over this forum. You wanna know about me..go to ladies introduce yourself. So....why are you having a c-section Kira_lynn. I ask because I dont know much about why they decide to do those, let alone so early in the pregnancy?


Angelaw. - January 26

I don't know why anyone would want to get to know you krc, you are so incredibly rude! And I certainly wouldn't answer any question you have. Anyway, I will be 12weeks tomorrow, due August 14th with our second child. I was pregnant with twins, but lost one around 7 weeks, as a result, I have had about 4 ultrasounds, it's neat to have them to see such a progression, but I'm glad things are back to normal and I'll only get 1 a month now. I have unfortunantly had nausea since day one and still have it, but I am managing to take less medication for it (Erica, I am on Phenargen too, and I just cannot take that much of it b/c it is really messing with my b/s). I have gained about 3 pounds, and alot of waist ;)! I'm from Kentucky, and do not really care what we have, but I think it is a girl. I am trying for a natural childbirth (or at least as natural as possible). Good luck everyone!


EricaG - January 26

Hey, I'm wondering, how many of you are showing. I think I might be starting to lose my waist but I have to admit I want a round tummy NOW! lol. wondering how you are all doing in that department. I see so many posts of people saying that they are showing as early as 6 weeks. I get jealous, lol. Just wondering how you are all doing in that department.


Kira_lynn - January 26

Ohh so sorry to post so late. I suffer from a___l fissures and rectal tearing. So they cant do an episiotomy if they needed to and the tearing from pushing would lead to major surgery anywho. Sooo its recommended by 2 very trusted doctors/specialits/obgyns


Been There - January 26

I'm not showing yet, but since I've gained some weight anyway, it may take longer for me to see the difference. I'm positive I can't feel my uterus yet by feeling for it. I'm high risk, so I've been having ultrasounds every months so far. I'm hoping that my next one (2/21) at 16 1/2 weeks will show I'm having a boy. The u/s tech told me that although they usually get a better view at 20 weeks, if it's a boy they can sometimes tell at 16. I would say I'm keeping my fingers crossed, then I couldn't type. :-)


EricaG - January 26

Really, they can tell that early? I have appts. at 18 and 22 weeks. But like I said I only get 1 ultrasound. Do you think they'll do it at 18 weeks or 22?


Been There - January 26

Probably at 22 because if you're only getting one, they usually wait until you're at least 20 weeks. My regular doctor won't do an ultrasound until I'm at least 20 weeks. It's the specialist who requires more because of my status. I know it's tough hanging in there until 20 weeks. I had to wait with my last two children.


tab2947 - January 27

hello ladies, I am 11wks, from the states, Georgia to be exact. This will be my last preg and I am hoping for a girl. I have 2 boys already. I will be having a c section too. Although my dr sounded as though I have an option, but I will talk more with him on that issue. I really want to experience natural childbirth. My dr put me on the same meds Erica and I have Gerd too. Horrible feeling. I had a u/s and I saw my baby at 9 wks 6 days. I could see the head and backbone and basically the outline. My dr also showed me the heartbeat! It was flickering away. I can't wait until I can start shopping. Anyone starting to buy maternity clothes yet? My jeans still fit, but they feel uncomfortable around my stomach. Maybe we can all make the transittion to 2nd trimester board together?


baby#2inaug - January 27

Hello ladies, I am 12 1/2 weeks due August 9th, My name is Andria and I am from Canada. This will be my second child, but my fiancee's first. He really wants a boy but I have a feeling it will be another girl. My daughter is 7 and means the world to me. I raised her as a single parent for the first 5 years. Her "father" if he even deserves the t_tle, has never been around. My fiancee has completely accepted her and treated her as his own since day 1. Feels awesome to have finally found my soulmate :)


Been There - January 27

baby#2inaug, here's term you can use instead of "father." Sperm donor. Someone I know uses that. I've already bought some larger shirts. Next are some pants with more elastic. I don't want to wake up one more and the baby has just popped out while I have nothing to wear.


EricaG - January 27

*sigh* I got up this morning and felt big so I put on a maternity T-shirt. Turned around and looked in the mirror and laughed my b___t off. It was huge one me. I'm not going to be able to wear those cute clothes for at least like 2 more months. To Angelaw and Tab2947, is your medicine making you extremely drowsy? I take it twice a day and it's funny because I'll take it when I wake up in the morning at around 10:30 And by 1:30 I'm napping. Then I take it at 10:30 at night and by midnight my husbands hauling me into the bedroom and tucking me in. Well... better than being sick anyway. Hmmm... anybody else got cravings? I cried this morning because I missed McDonald's breakfast lol... hormones, they get me good. The first moment I knew I was pregnant was when I cried at a jewelry store commercial right after Thanksgiving. It was where Santa gives Ms. Claus a ring (or soemthing) and she does "Oh, Chris, How did you know" I was like "*sob*look how much he appreciates her, isn't that so sweet*sob*? then I went out and bought a test lol.



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