14 And Might Be Pregnant

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Anonymous - September 12

ok me and my boyfriend had s_x may the 3rd,4 the very 1st time but he pulled it out before he c_mmed in me so i thought i was safe.. but half the people i talked to about it say theres this thing called prec_m and i could b pregnant but my other friends who have had s_x that way said that im safe and dont worry about it. what do you think? i havent had my period yet and i wount get it until like the end of the month but i dont even kno if ill get it then because it seems to skip every few months. do ya'll have any advice 4 me?


Ann Arbor - May 22

My first piece of advice would to be not to have s_x. If you don't know about the possiblities/repercussions of your actions, then you should not partake in them. Secondly, you should talk to your parents and tell them of your situation. It's the best way.


cgvalle - May 24

two words for you....BIRTH CONTROL


michelle - May 26

I work for a crisis pregnancy center and agree with the other ladies that having s_x is a huge decision with many possible physical and emotional consequences, especially at such an early age. If you do not start your period you should go to a doctor or local pregnancy center immediately. Also, you need to think about s_xually transmitted diseases, which affect about 1 in 4 women; young women are more susceptible. You can get an STD from unprotected s_x (even oral s_x). Please talk to someone you trust ASAP about these issues!


Shelly - May 26

When I was in your age I had a friend that had the same thing happen to her. She had a baby. Don't listen to your friends like she did. I don't mean to talk down to you, but you are young and inexperienced. So are your friends. I know you must be scared. Go to see your OBGYN right now. Don't wait to see if your period comes. The doctor can tell you what your options are, so that you can make an intelligent decision. If you have an adult that you can talk to, they can help you weigh your options. It would be a good idea to take an adult with you to the doctor. When you call for the appointment let them know that you need to get in right away. You need some good loving support right now. Go find some. If you don't know an adult you feel comfortable talking to, call a La Leche League leader in your area. Do a Google search, or call your local hospital to find one. If you have more questions, and can't find someone to help, write back here. I'll check back in to see how you're doing. I hope everything works out well for you. Love, Shelly


Steve - June 12

ok first dont ask me how i got here, but i read your post and i have good advise for you..1- dont listen to everyone else..2-look, two things, one, get a test, OTC tests are fine, juts make sure if you are or not, if you are, then i guess you juts have to fess up to your parents or wh0 ever. Also you said it was with your b/f whihc im relieved about, atleast you know who he is ( lol) but if you truly care about him and love him, then fine you can do this with him, just try to be safe. Im 17 and my g/f is 16 and we do this but thne again were engaged, and yes both our parents know and all. so my advice to you would be let things flow but yet still get tested


Jacquelynn - June 12

hey i wouldn't worry about it but if you miss your period this month then i would go and see you doctor.


mn - June 13

you are too young to have s_x #1... and you should be using protection....pulling out doesnot work....especially for young inexperienced teens. Hopefully you can talk to your parents.. if not... I agree with the other lady...try to contact someone from La Leche League..they are very helpful. I hope for your sake you are not pregnant... babies raising babies is a difficult thing... it can be done...but it changes your whole life....good luck to you and please practice safe s_x... learn about s_x before you engage in it....you will be the only one to suffer if you get pregnant. It is always the women's problem.....responsiblity.... good luck


Katy - June 14

well i am 16 and i found out that i am pregnat my advice to you is to talk to some one that you are close to and that you trust even if that is a parent of a teacher and just to let you know i talked to my teacher and shes the one that went out a got me the pregnancy test and it came back postive my teacher Mrs.Michaels helped me to tell my mother and father well i really got to go but good luck


Sandra - June 15

Think hard about your future. It sounds like fun and games, but to actually have a baby is a huge responsibilty. You are still a child yourself, although you think you mught be mature enough to handle adulthood, you are mistaken. I am 29 and there is still alot i have to learn. It is not to say that you are pregnant, but take a pregnancy test and let us know.


Alisha - June 16

hey i know exactly what your going through. im 16 and i know its tough hearing your too young for what your doing. im going through it too and you really are so am i .... 14 is a really young age to be getting yourself into trouble. i would think about not having s_x after this scare, i know i have~ the responsibility is just too big and your life is more important than pleasure.


Jack - June 23

don't have s_x at 14 yrs old


Katie - June 25

yeh go to a s_xual health clinic and see what they have to say about it!


BB - June 28

For one, I am 22 and just found out i got pregnant. The father swore up and down he pulled out. hes got 15 or so odd years experience, and well, looks like he left one behind. There's no way to say that you are safe if he pulled out. There's always that possibility. If your going to have s_x, get on birth control or make him wear a condom. I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't do at your age. I'm not your parent. But I will tell you, that I am in the military and very established in my career, but I'm not ready for a baby. If you are pregnant, you are going to be forced to grow up real fast. I watched my sister have a kid at 16 and then another at 18. She really feels like she missed alot, and she did, although she loves her boys very much. You've got alot of living to do, alot of life impacting decisions to make, and a long way to go before you are ready to raise a child. I hope to God, if you are pregnant that you have the support of your boyfriend and your parents, otherwise it will be a long hard road for you. If its just a scare (which im sure you know by now or not) then, I hope you will be smarter next time.


Sarah - July 1

I just read some information that says teenage girls are more likely to get pregnant than even slightly older women....your eggs are at their healthiest, your body is at its healthiest....it's just the way nature works. You need to protect yourself. Did you know that 80% of the North American population has genital warts or at least carries the virus? Did you know the earlier you start having s_x, the greater the chances you have of contracting pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer...HIV? Birth control and CONDOMS. And don't trust your boyfriend to pull out...or to be faithful only to you...


Michelle - July 2

Have you heard about chast_ty? Check out this link, it might help you to make a better decision about having s_x or not. http://www.chast_tycall.org/


kasey - July 6

me and my boyfriend never used protection but he pulled out i never knew that he would c_m before the real thing and he would pull out and i didint get pregnant but my friend did just like that with her husband so it can sometimes happen but good luck.



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