16 Amp Might Be Pregnant

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joann - April 7

hi everybody i need some help please.I am 16 years old i will be 17 in november & my promblem is that i think I'm pregnant.I say this because the last time i saw my period was the 28th of february BUT me and my boyfriend had s_x before that like a week before that and up to this day i haven't seen my period now i'm having some funny feeling that i might be pregnant beause i'm feeling tired all the time even though i get alot of sleep i have a big appet_te i'm feeling really really bloated i always feel like i'm goin to throw up ad instead of seeinf my period i see some light brown or pinkish stains in my underwear,Now can u please tell me how this sound cause i'm really afraid and i don't know what to do.tell me if this sounds like i'm pregant. i decided to ask you beause i think that you WOMEN in here are very mature and u know what being pregnant is all about.so please help me. ~THANKS~


Jessica - April 7

Joann you may or may not want to here this but sweetie i think you may be pregnant, you should either take a home pregnancy test or go to a planned parenthood close to you and take a test there, it sounds like you are pregnant to me im sorry to be the one to have to tell you. good luck


joann - April 7

really?!? are you sure? how do you know? did this happen to you? please let me know what happened to you in the beginnig


Jena - April 7

I think that Jessica may have said what she did because you are almost 2 months late for your period. That isn't normal. Sometimes if a period is a month late, it can be due to stress... but 2 months late tends to be due to pregnancy. Plus you are having unprotected s_x. So you may be pregnant. What you need to do is take a pregnancy test - they have them at supermarkets, drug stores, planned parenthood, etc. Let us know what the results are. Also, feeling really tired and bloated and hungry are all signs of being pregnant. Good luck hon and don't worry unitl you know for sure....


lilmum - April 7

exactly what jena and jessica said, plus, if you are not pregnant, there may be a reason why you aren't getting your period that should be addressed. Good luck!


joann - April 7

thank you all so so very much i really appreciate it but i'm scared me and my friend suppose to go to the store to buy the test and i'm going to take it.i'm so scared thanks anyway. i promise to keep u posted.


Misty - April 7

In actuality honey you are only a little over a week late. You said your last period was Feb. 28th that means you should have started your period somewhere around March 28th. It is april 7th now so that only makes you a little over a week late. That doesn't mean you aren't pregnant, you are still late, but I personally don't think that you are. You say you and your boyfriend had unprotected s_x a week before you saw your period, and you didn't have unprotected s_x after your period? It is still possible to be pregnant after a period but it is unlikely. Was it a normal period? Go ahead and go do the test to make sure, but I don't think you are.


Misty - April 7

Actually I revise that. I missed the part of you having slight spotting in your panties. That actually does sound kind of like implantation bleeding which is what happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself to your uterus. You definately need to take a test.


joann - April 7

thanks misty u really helped me out alot (all of u did) if i take the test and it says positive is that a postive test or do i need to take another just to be on the safe side and to be sure


Misty - April 7

Normally home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate. When you go to purchase one though they generally have boxes that have "two for the price of one" and whatnot. So you will get more then one test in one box. These things aren't that cheap though so if you have insurance I would set an appointment with your doctor. That will tell you even more definately if you are. Plus, if you are your doctor will be able to refer you to someone to see throughout your pregnancy. Either way though it is pretty rare to get a positive result when you aren't. Tests pick up HCG in your bloodstream which is only present when you are pregnant. If a test says you have HCG in your blood then you are pregnant. The only main reason to get a box with two if you decide to do a home pregnancy test is if it shows up negative then you might still be pregnant but the levels just aren't high enough yet for the test to pick up. So then you would wait a while and take the other test. Pretty much though if it comes back positive you are.


joann - April 7

ok...misty to be real i am only 16 years old i don't have a job,i depend on my parents for everything now i don't really kno how i'm goin to come up with the money to buy this pregnany test.o personally thought it was heap to be real, but u say it's expensive? i don't have insurance misty i'm only 16 years old i'm still in school,in fact i'm in the 11th grade.if i go to the doctor what do i tell them? will they call my parents? i really don't know .NOW i'm even MORE confused and worried???????


Misty - April 8

Home pregnancy tests are not cheap but they aren't super expensive either, they are like 10 to 15 dollars. As far as a doctor telling your parents I am not sure. When I got pregnant for the first time I was 19 and living with my boyfriend already, so of course they didn't tell my parents. But, you are only 16, they might be required by law to tell your parents. If I were you I would see if I could borrow some money from a friend ar something to get the test. 15 bucks isn't too bad after all. At first I thought maybe you should just tell your parents and see if they will help you get the test. But I don't see any reason to tell them before you know for sure. Good luck, and if you are you might want to consider getting a part-time job to help with the expenses that come along with a baby. You are young but this baby should be your responsibility, not your parents.


Robyn - April 8

Joann- go to Planned Parenthood. Youre almost 17 you drive or one of your friends should. They will give you free pregnancy testing. What they do is base it on your income and if you have no income...no price. That would be your best bet. They wont call your parents if you specify for them not to. If you stress about it it can make you even later on your period. Good luck!


D - April 8

I agree with Robyn - I went to Planned Parenthood myself once, and they did just what she said. But - If you would still prefer to buy a home pregnancy test, I hear they have pretty good ones at Dollar Tree for $1. I bought the Equate brand at Walmart - I got the 2-pack for about $7, the single box was $3-4. www.peeonastick.com compares how sensitive the different brands are - and both the Dollar Tree and Walmart brands rate pretty well. www.dollartree.com has a locator so you can find the store nearest to you.


Stephanie - April 8

I agree, and please listen as I was pregnant with my son at 15 and my daughter at 17. In fact I delivered the both of them before I was 18 yrs of age so I am going to tell you something from experience. 1st If you feel the need for privacy everyone is correct and you can go to planned parenthood for free otherwise if you don't want that then you can buy the cheapest (what I did) store brand out there that give just as accurate results. I was able to buy 1 test for $6.99 at sav-on drug store. If you get a positive result you have 2 choices. 1st off with either tests you will probably have the need (not want....boy do I know) to talk to your parents once that is accomplished you can stay home or what I decided was a maternity home for unwed pregnant teens. Here in L.A. Cali. we have one called St. Annes maternity home. It is great the Dr. is right there in the same bldg. fed all the time school with others in same situations your own room and now a bonus is that you can stay for 1 yr after the delivery of your child with again your own room w everything there for baby! I chose this bc I come from a broken home and both of my parents were sufficating! Plus it was kinda held over my head and I did'nt want the stress!


Steph - April 8

OOps sorry D I did'nt even write what you wrote in fact I skipped alot and will go back and look at what everyone else has said I skipped........Sorry did'nt mean to step on anyones toes! :o/ Well I guess I'm not as much of a bargain shopper as I thought I was!!


D - April 8

No worries, Steph! I've got tougher toes than that! The price differences probably have something to do with where we live.... I'm in Kentucky - things are cheaper here! I'm so glad to not be paying California prices anymore!! Plus, if I have to be honest, I got the Dollar Tree info from other people.... I never thought of looking there myself!



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