17dpo Betas

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parkermegan - May 15

Mine was 5225...just curious to what everyone elses was?


leasa - May 16

Hi Parker, How are you doing? I havent got round to having my betas checked as i could not stand waiting for the results!! Now wish i did. When is your first ultrasound? how many weeks are you now. i am 6 weeks, what symptoms are you experiencing at the moment? sorry so many questions. I hope you are well!


parkermegan - May 16

I am doing great! How are you? My first u/s is this Thur. I will be 6w2d then...so I am 6wks today! I am having definate bigger b___bs! They are huge! Also a lot of nausea....I am just waiting to throw up for the first time. Ga__sy, bloated, and majorly fatique. You?? My betas have been 10dpo 14 13dpo 92.6 17dpo 403 23dpo 5225 This is a link to my belly shots...not sure if it will work.. http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h240/parkermegan/?action=view&current=bellypics456wks.jpg


leasa - May 17

Hi again. Fantastic you have your first ultrasound tomorrow. Let me know how it goes.. I am 6 weeks and 2 days today.. We are very close together. Your symptoms sound similar to mine. so far - sore bigger b___bs, very bloated today, am always tired despite having 9 hours sleep last night, cant get out of bed in the morning! I feel sicky all day but have not thrown up either.. I feel hungry constantly as well. I eat and then 20 minutes later i feel empty again!! You betas are fab by the way!! I cant get on that link it did not work! I think i am going to ask for an ultrasound next week when I am 7 weeks. Am so scared though as i had a missed miscarrige last time but i know i cant wait for another 5 weeks for the first routine scan either!!


parkermegan - May 17

I threw up today for the first time! lol


leasa - May 18

His parker. How can we get excited about throwing up!! I havent thrown up yet but would like to. Yesterday I felt sick all day long and gagged a couple of times but today feel a bit better!!! I still keep a___lysing those symptoms!! Am def having scan next have decided!!


parkermegan - May 19

The zofran the dr. put me on is working wonders!! Here is my 6w4d ultrasound... http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h240/parkermegan/babyparkerdrmosssmall.jpg


leasa - May 23

hi parker!! hope you are ok. i could not see the picture. i had my scan today 7 weeks 1 day and saw the HB. It was amazing. i feel so much better now. still have not been sick but gagg a lot! LOL. anyways i hope you are doing well just thought i would let you know how it went...



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