180bpm Fetal Heart Rate Normal High

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sanjavi77 - March 13

HI There, At 8 weeks, 3 days baby's heartbeat came upto 180. Week ago, it was 160. Is 180 very high?


SuzieQ - March 14

Hi, I think it's normal. well, I'm hoping so, because at 9w5d, that's why my little ones heartrate was! I've been using a home doppler, and it's gone down to 162 bpm, and I'm 11w1d now. I've read that 120-160 is normal. But I've come across a few sites that say 180-200 bpm from 8-10 weeks is normal too. I'm not overly worried about it, but was planning on mentioning it to my doc in a week during my next appt. :)


Kim L - March 14

Hi girls - me too! I have a digital doppler at home as well, and sometimes my baby's heartbeat comes up as high as 182. I've never read a thing that suggests a heartbeat that high is bad...I have read that as you progress in your pregnancy, the baby's heartbeat will start to come down into the 140-150 range. Hang in there! xxoo


SaraD - March 14

Where are you girls buying your dopplers?I bought one of the BEBE sound doppler and at 12w I can't hear it. Sanjavi77-My baby's heartbeat was 175 before and the Dr said it was good so I wouldn't worry.


SuzieQ - March 14

I've just been renting a doppler from a local company "belly sounds.com". It's not the most impressive doppler, but it works so that's all the matters. It was hard for me to find the heartbeat, and it still sometimes eludes me, so I wouldn't worry too much about finding it yet. Someitmes you can't find it until 14weeks.


Kim L - March 14

Hi Sara: I got mine at bellybeats.com. I also rented. It works really great - most times I can pick up the heartbeat within 2 minutes, loud and clear and have been able to for about a week. I am 10w 5d.


SaraD - March 14

Thanks girls.I'll definetly have to check it out. Good luck and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy and baby!! Congrats!


sanjavi77 - March 14

What a relief by reading your replies. Thanks sooooooo much. I will also buy one/rent one. Sometimes I worry for nothing. Thank you soooo much. Take care all of you!


knpandrews - March 14

Hi Avi... I wanted to tell you that i was reading something today that says the average is 110-160 bpm, however... its only an average. It says that higher then 160 doesnt indicate a problem where as lower then 110 doesnt indicate a problem either. It said that... its only an average and the heartrate changes each min. For example... when i had my sono last week . The doc. took the heartrate 3 times and each time was different. So she averaged it out at 154 bpm. Honey i would worry. I think if there was a reason to worry your doc. would have told you. Check the other forum darlin... i responding finally on that.


michellep - March 17

It's normal. I am 9w5d and the heartbeat was 187. The technician said that it was normal to be high around 10 weeks, and it will drop after the first trimester a bit.


Sally123 - October 28

Mine was 175 at 8 weeks and 3 days, and I was told that anywhere from 120-180 was completely normal, so I'm sure that you're fine. Also, I know it's kind of like voo doo, but they say if the heart rate is high at this stage you're having a girl! Not sure I believe it, but that's what I've heard...



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