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dezzydoo18 - May 7

h__lo everyone! I am 19 years old and i just found out that i am pregnant and i have lots of questions to get me throw this pregnancy! so if anyone wants to become online buddies and help me get through this i would greatly appreciate it. i have posted another questions but no one has left anything, so i guess if this doesn't work then i will go somewhere else! thanks for reading!


bbnumb2 - May 7

Hey there I never get too many responses either so I am happy to be your buddy and help with any questions as I am on my second pregnancy my first pregnancy was when i was 24, and now Jude is 2, and now I am 27 and just found out last week that I am pregnant again. I am really excited. How pregnant are you? Anything going on yet?? I remember wanting other pregnant friends so bad the first time around....and I am starting to want it now too. Anyway get back to me. Jess.


dezzydoo18 - May 8

i am seven weeks and three days and i feel to fatigued! thank you so much for posting something. i have only gone to one ultra sound and it looked like a litlle peapod! this one was not planned but we talked about it as soon as we found out and neither of us know what we are doing. We both have very high paying jobs and we just recently bought a house that we are going to do a nursery in as well! you see we both came from harsh family situations and thats how we found each other. we have been dating for 5 years ( high school sweet hearts) and we have been engaged for one, we were going to get married this april but we really wanted to wait till we were a litlle older, then we found out that i am pregnant and we still have decided we are going to wait. anywho, how did u cope with your first pregnancy? did u have him natural? once again i thank you for responding to me!!!


dezzydoo18 - May 8

by the way my name is Desiree'


BriannasMummy - May 8

I was the in the same boat as you when I first became pregnant with my daughter. I remember not knowing what to do .. and even worse i didnt know what was happening. I recently found out im pregnant with my second child due probably in November. All i can say, is take your time with it, and remember to take it easy when you can, cause when the baby gets here, time will be of the past.


18wbabynov - May 8

hey, ill be 19 on may 22nd, so only a few more days... im kinda in your boat too! i need all the help i can get from everyone on here! ill be your online buddie. my email address is [email protected] if you want to drop me a line... ill answer quick!


linzee - May 8

hey im 19 too. i'll be 20 when my baby is born. im due nov. 14. if you, or anyone else wants, you can email me at [email protected]!


bbnumb2 - May 8

Hey there....i was a bit of an emotional mess my first pregnancy and if i were you i wouldn't even touch the marriage question till after you hav the baby as your emotions are everywhere in pregnancy. I carried Jude until 38 weeks and then had a full long scary labor story that ended with a csection.....this time needless to say I am opting for a csection right at 37 or 38 weeks. Lucky you got an ultrasound so early I am hoping for one too!!! If you see the little heart beating then your pretty safe as for any misscarrying fears which I had pretty much my whole pregnancy. I am 6 weeks and sooo.... tired too when i put jude to bed at 7:30 I am so ready for bed too. Any morning sickness yet?? I am not looking forward to that although so far so good. FYI my email is [email protected] Where are you from?


leah1987 - May 9

im in the same boat i "think" im 19 i turn 20 in january. but i think i might be pregnant. how did u know. how far along were u guys when you found out? i have had spotting on day 20 of my cycle i heard this could be the impalatation? i am a little confused. please write to me. Leah


dezzydoo18 - May 9

thanks to everyone that posted and i hope we can get through these pregnancies without killing anyone! LOL! I am glad to see that some of you are in the same boat as me! Jess i am from bossier city, louisiana where are u from? the morning sickness for me isn' t that bad i just can not eat and when i smell certain foods i feel like i want to throw up but never due! yeah i got to hear and see the heart beat so hopefully everything will be ok and i have an awesome docter! i was recently told from my docter that i should not get the needle! lol! u know what i mean!!! because i was a gymnast for so long and i hurt my spine my last compet_tion and it is still healing and probably wont be completly healed when i give birth! so am i in for some major pain? maybe if i get in the right mindset i can get throw it! LOL! oh lord what am i in for! well i guess i will hear from you soon! thank you so much!


dezzydoo18 - May 9

to everyone else, where are yall from? i wish you the best of luck with your pregnancies!!!


bbnumb2 - May 9

Hey Des!! Well as for the MAJOR pain. For me I was in back labor and it was really severe (the pain). But I have heard of a ton of wonderful stories too. Really quick and easy labors. It's all handleable. You get through it. I was really worried about it the whole time last time and had my mind set on the needle and then when i got it they put it in rong and it didn't even work..silly nurses! So you are already having some food aversions...not me yet i hope i don't get morning sickness, I am crossing my fingers. Although my doctor told me last time the stronger the symptoms the healthier the baby. I am from Vancouver Canada. I don't know too much about all the different stereotypes of cities over there....so it's bossy hey??? Anyway how is your guy taking everything? Is he super supportive?


dezzydoo18 - May 9

yeah he is very supportive! he wants a boy but will be happy with anything! i am so scared but i think even if i could get some drugs i would be too scared of the needle more than anything! how is everything going for you?


BriannasMummy - May 9

Im with you with the sickness. Gracious... everytime I eat anything I feel as though its going to come right back up, it hasnt yet *knock on wood* And smells are the worst things in the world.. cant pa__s a store without smelling something disgusting. It's life.. Ill make it. BTW.. im from New Brunswick Canada and im 24. Things can only get better!!!


bbnumb2 - May 9

So far I am feeling pretty good a bit of pulling and crampy ga__sy in the uterus area. Not really morning sickness but i am only 6 weeks. I am soooo tired though. I get several just dead tired times a day. It's funny that they want boy's and girls are such daddy's girls. I wanted a girl first but got a boy and now i love my little mama's boy. I found out with Jude at my 20 week u/s and I will do it again for sure.


BriannasMummy - May 9

Me toooo.. I have a little girl, she is a total daddy's girl, but thats okay with me, cause when he is at work.. its me and her (we've got a secret society going on) haha! I have no idea how far along i am, I believe its probably between 10 and 12 weeks.


BriannasMummy - May 9

oh yeah.. i have to also say, im sooo crazy tired most of the day I sometimes fall asleep at work!



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