1st Baby And Pregnant Girlfriend Gone Psycho

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LJT129 - June 1

Heeey :/ I just registered on this site to learn more about my girlfriend who is pregnant. On Thursday, she will be 8 weeks. We are going to hear the baby's heartbeat on June 3rd. Right now, I think she is going to kill me in my sleep ): I'm probably the most understanding person you can meet, and I am very gentle with her and never lose my temper with her. I feel like we are falling apart.. What set this mind state off the most is the other night I brought her flowers, and she was watching tv, and I didnt realize I was in the way of her view and she told me to move because she couldn't see.. I laid the flowers on the table and acted like it didn't hurt. That was really the first thing that happened when I realized what was happening. I want to believe it's the hormones.. I really do.. But I feel like she hates me.. I know I want to stick with her through this and I wouldn't never ever leave her like this alone. I understand its just as much responsibility for me as for her. I just need advice :/ if anyone could help, then I would greatly appreciate it. I'm lost without her and she's my world. I love her with all my heart and just want to make her happy.. this just hurts..


kalinnmariee - June 13

oh it's hormones hon! ask my fiance, he'll tell you. i get the same way. the littlest things will set me off for no apparent reason. it's definitely all hormones! have you talked to her about it at all? she may not even realize she's doing it! sometimes i don't and my fiance has to tell me when i'm being mean. and i was never like that before getting pregnant! i doubt she hates you :)


LJT129 - June 14

Thank you(: That makes things a lot better. Yes, I took the time to talk to her and she understood and we did research and she tries to be more calm with me now and I try to be more patient. Thank you(:


tails245 - June 19

My partner and I have been together for 5 years and trust me I can be really mean. He has worked me out now as I will walk away from him and slam the door in his face, he then asks is something wrong and I tell him. He knows when I need time and space and it is good he can leave me alone when I ask him too. Then we fine after that.



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