1st Prenatal Appt Questions

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frozenfeet - February 26

HI Ladies - I'm nine weeks alongI had my first appt today..and it didn't go bad but wasn't great either. They didn't do doppler today.. :( but they've scheduled an ultrasound for this week. My thyroid is still hyperactive so I have to go see a specialist for that next week and my hcg levels have dropped from 165000 to 151000, and I've lost most of my symptoms :( She felt my uterus today, and said it 'feels' like nine weeks...which is right where I'm supposed to be but with the loss of symtoms and dropping hcg...they want to do an ultrasound ASAP. I must admit, I'm very nervous...scared...I hope that the baby hasn't stopped growing...I will remain optimistic until then...but it was a bit disheartening today. Is it typical to have hcg levels drop 15000 in less 11 days??? I've heard that they can level off at 9 weeks and drop after that but that soon and that much????? Any help/advice/experiences would be great. Thanks!


frozenfeet - February 27



kelley - February 27

Frozenfeet, it is sarah correct? I really have no idea about the drop in hcg levels as mine were never tested or at least they never gave me any values. I can tell you from my experience that I have with my first 2 pregnancies lost my symptoms about 9 or 10 weeks. This one they lasted a little bit longer. I am sure that there is nothing to worry about. My first appointment was at just over 11 weeks and my OB said that he may not hear the heart beat, I wonder if that is why they did not check.. I know that with the Doppler that my doc has the earliest that they say that they can hear the heartbeat is 10 weeks... it could be 12 weeks. As I said I am sure that everything is fine... wait for the ultrasound and try to stay calm... I know how hard that can be. You will be in my thoughts and prayers... please keep us informed. Sorry I could not be more help. {{{HUGS}}}


Krissy25 - February 27

With what i have read about hcg levels they top out between 8-10 weeks and then start to decline unfortunatly i can't find anything on the rate at which they decline but when they are that high 15000 isn't that much. Don't worry just yet symptoms can come and go. MY m/s seemed to have tapered off around 8 or 9 weeks i was a little concerned that something was wrong but about a week and a half later it was back with a vengence. Hopefully your just getting a little break. Odds are your baby is fine YOur hcg levels are high and your uterus is bigger that means the baby has been growing once there is a heartbeat (usually around 6 weeks) your baby has a really good chance of surviving.


mel2229 - February 28

Frozenfeet., I am not sure about the hcg levels but I don't think that you should worry about your symptoms fading. I am 14w 2d and my symptoms and I bareley have any anymore.



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