1st Time Cramping Spotting

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Angelea - April 30

I just found out on Tuesday that I am pregnant. My first doctors appointment isnt until next week. I am 32 and it's my first pregnancy. I feel OK, no sickness as of yet. A little tender in the br___ts, but not nearly as bad as it was even a few days ago. My concern is that I am spotting...brown, but the past two days almost a little red. And, I have lower ab cramps that have been worse the past two days too. Is this normal?!! I have read some of the posts here and see that I am not the only one worrying..so I know I'm not alone. I guess I'm just nervous because I dont know what to expect or when, and I really dont have anyone to talk to about it. Any advice would be wonderful. More than anything, its the cramping and spotting that concerns me....Congrats to all the new Mommies!!!





tiff - May 2

You poor thing you must be so scared...this is my first time also due 14/12/05 , i know how you feel i had i little spotting but has gone away now . what did your doctor say?


Hope this helps - May 2

Red means you need to see your doctor right away. For example...your progesterone levels may be too low and the dr. can prescribe something to get your levels back to normal and keep the pregnancy healthy until the placenta sp? takes over.


KTG - May 4

Back in January 2005, I went through the same thing. I would recommend calling your doctor and getting an appointment ASAP! As long as the spotting is brown, it is ok, but when it turns red, you may have a problem. Please go have your doctor check out you and the baby


RG - May 5

Hi I am in the same boat.Angelea you should go to see the Dr If spotting is red.I have seen a Dr.I started spotting 3days ago slight red-pink i saw the Dr and they did bloods and U/S they said my cervix is closed and we saw the heart beat and my dates are correct at 6wks 3 days.The heart beat was 120 bpm IS that GOOD?? im really not sure.I also had bloods and was told my HCG levels were very high,but not how high. Im still concerned.The spotting has changed to pink-brown but is still there when i wipe.How long do i let the spotting go on until i go back to Dr i dont have my next appointment yet.Can anyone help put my mind at rest.Thanks Ruth



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