1st Trimester Bleeding

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GG - September 10

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have been spotting red & brown for 9 days. My doctor is clueless. My HCG & Prog. levels are great and sonograms show a heartbeat. I have been on bed rest since it started, not helping. What's going on??


Tanya - August 26

Hey, I am 6 weeks also, and have been spotting red and brown too, mostly brown, anyway, my doctor said not to worry about it at this point, it is most likely just stretching, or the brown being old blood. She said it is normal to spot in the first trimester. I was not ordered to bedrest, I am right back at work, at a daycare center. Good luck to you :)


AMY - August 26

I am 8 week and started bleeding on Monday, went to the Dr. they did an ultrasound and blood work said that it was probaly when the baby was burrowing in it may have hit a vein or something causing it to bleed but not to worry... Very scary though!!


Wendy - August 27

I'm 8 weeks and 3 days, Ive had mostly brown discharge everyday from being 4 weeks, with 2 occasions of red bleeding. I also have slight cramps that come and go and have been told to rest. I was that concerned about it at 7 weeks my GP sent me for a scan and i saw the little heart beat and it rea__sured me 100%. The next day the brown discharge stopped. (I'm sure possitive thoughts and the rea__surement helped). At the antenatal a__sesment clinic where i had the scan, the nurse said that bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy can sometimes never be explained. I have 1 more week on the sick then i'm due to go back to work. Fingers x'd that the resting will have worked. Give your doctor a call and explain how concerned you are and that it's making you anxious and now that your just sitting around resting it's all your thinking of and that a scan would really put your mind at rest. Since i've mentioned this to people you'll be amazed how many have said "Oh!, i had that". What we do have to remember though, what will be will be and theres nothing at all we can do about it, no matter how much rest we have. Good luck to you i hope you get the scan and rea__surance you need. x


Kelly - September 2

My DR. said my hcg is 47. What does this mean that I miscarried? I had moderate bleeding for two days.


Robin - September 6

I have the exact same thing. I've been spotting since I learned I was pregnant, but the red bleeding and cramping started at the end of my 5th week. My doctor took me off the Heparin (blood thinners) and had me increase my Progesterin injections to 1.5 (helps to relax the uterus). In my ultrasound, they noticed a sac of fluid. They say it's not dangerous, but could be the cause. They tell me to rest if the bleeding is red, and it usually stops within a day. No one seems too concerned, and I did see the heartbeat in our last ultrasound and my HCG and Prog. levels were also good. Drink plenty of fluids they say. Hope this helps.


Natasha - September 10

I'm about 5-6 weeks pregnant and had a gush of blood come out last night. Just enough to fill a light pad. A little bit of cramping before I fell asleep. I'm fine today but very anxious because the family doctor I'm seeing is taking too long to find and OBGYN for me.(I just switched insurances.) The only thing he's done is have me take a blood test for hormone levels. I feel that I need to get a more thourough exam to see what is really going on. This never happened with my first baby...we need to not worry too much because it's true that we cannot do more that just take care of our selves and not over stress our minds and bodies...I need to take my own advice=)) Take care everyone!!!! God Bless!


Gina - September 25

I am almost 4 weeks pregnant and for the last 4 days have had red and brown blood spotting. Mostly brown. There are small deposits also in the blood. My spotting has been enough where I need to wear 2 panty liners a day for the last for days. No major cramping. My doctor told me not to worry, but it has been hard not to. Has any one had brown red spotting enough to fill 2 pantyliners a day for more than 4 days? I am just concerned on where all this "old" blood is coming from.


Suzi - September 25

i am so SCARED! 1st i had very very lite brown blood.. now 2days later i am bleeding like crazy..i have seen 2 really big clots pa__s through and some smaller ones..i am very nervous and scared...i took a shower put a pad on as soon as i came out and like 10minz later i had to change it again.. i am very scared because i suspected i was preg. but all tests came out neg. but i have many symptoms including changes in my b___sts, gas, constipation, frequent urination..soo could this be a miscarriage? or is it possible i could still be preg? i heard when u get your period your temp goes down 0.5 i have been taking my temp for the past 5 days and it went from 98.6,98.8 and then today its 99.0 i am very confused... and last night i kept having a wierd metal-like taste in my mouth but only in the back of my mouth.. PLEASE HELP SOOO WORRIED!!!!!!


Susan - September 27

This is to Suzi, the woman who responded on Sept. 25 to the above question. If I were you, I would go to a doctor immediately.


suzi - September 27

someone pls help..please read EVERYTHING.. okay now the bleeding has subsided and doesnt appear to be coming out as much...it was only that 1day it was heavy & had 2 big clots and a few small and now for the past 2days it has lightened up and usually just comes out when i wipe...there is some on the pad but not much...it is pinkish red on the pad and sometimes real red when i wipe... i am still taking my temp and this is the order that is has rised n decreased... 98.6/ 98.8/ 99.0/ 98.8 so my temp is still elevated...my temp today was 98.8 soo it has decreased a lil....anyway now i am feeling very dizzy at times...especially last night with a very bad headache..so bad i just had to lay down and go to sleep to make everything go away...does anyone know what could be wrong with me? could this be a misscarriage? is it possible i could still be preg? or is this just my period? i am havent had much cramps very slight ones


Laurie - September 28

Suzi - I had a period like that once and called the doc. They had me take a home preg test. They said if it is neg than it wasn't a miscarriage, just a heavy period. Naturally I would call my doctor and just be seen if I were you, but I wanted to share what my doc told me. Take care!


Angie - September 30

Suzi - I am in same position as you. I am 8 weeks pregnant, and 2 weeks ago I had light bron bleeding, just last night I got a severe cramp and went to bathroom to see a lot of red blood with a small clot. After a shower the bleeding subsided, but I have been cramping a bit today. I just went to washroom again, and the red blood is back. I have been also feeling dizzy, faint, sick and everything else that comes with pregnancy. I wouldn't worry so much about it, but the bleeding should definately be checked with your doctor. I'm on my way out to hospital now, wish me luck, and same to you!!


MELISSA - October 1

i am 6 weeks and 3 days an d i started bleeding last night when i got home from work it was light red and brown. I went to the emergency room and had all the tests done the blood, the exam by the doctor and then the ultrasound when i saw the heartbeat i was really relieved. the lady who did the ultrasound said there was a strong heartbeat of 122 and that everything else looked great baby is where its supposed to be don't have to worry about a tubal or ectopic so that settled my nerves. Then today I went to my obgyn he did his exam told me my cervix was closed and that i was not going to miscarry he doesn;t have an explanation for the bleeding but i think it was just old blood. I am hoping that is all it is so good luck ladys


kim - October 2

My last period was Aug 4. The weird thing was that I had a period with brown spotting and bleeding in the middle of Sept (2 wks late) that didn't seem normal but the two pregnancy tests I took came back negative.. I found out I was pregnant last Sunday when I started bleeding after s_x. I have had brown spotting all week and some red blood this morning when I went to the bathroom but nothing on my pad. I had the HCG tests all week too. My first number was 213, the second 336, and the last one was 553. My doctor said it should increase at least 60% but everything I read has these wide ranges of numbers so I am not sure what it means. I have to go again tomorrow but after the bleeding this morning, I am worried that its a sign of mc. I also have some pinching and dull feeling on my lower left side above my leg. This is my first preganancy. Any thoughts? Good luck to you ladies.



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